Sewing Tool Identification

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Cutting of fabrics
Trim Threads
Pinking Shears
Zig-Zag; Prevent Raveling
Protect Your Finger
Pin Cushion
Stores Pins
Straight Pins
Used To Hold Pattern To Fabric Or 2 Layers Of Fabric
Hand Sewing Needle
Used Sew By Hand
Marking Pencil
Temporary Marks On Fabric
Tracing Paper
Transfers Pattern Markings
Tracing Wheel
Used With Tracing
Tailor Chalk
Makes Temporary Marks On Fabric
Tape Measure
Takes Pattern; Body Measurements
Sewing Gauge
Helps You Mark A Hem
Seam Ripper
Takes Out Sewing Mistakes
Seam Roll
Helps Press Seams In Tubes
Pressing Ham
Press Curved Areas
Used To Sew Fabric Together

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