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Gays And Lesbians In The Criminal Justice System
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1.0 Introduction In the recent past, being a member of LGBT used to be akin to a crime in the United States (U.S.). Despite the fact that gay bar raids have stopped, the LGBT community continues to experience deliberate and subtle forms of discrimination in their daily activities mainly because of their sexual orientation (Nadal […]

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Transgender Policy
Target’s Transgender Bathroom Controversy
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Introduction Target stores knew they were in trouble when their decision to allow transgender men to use women’s bathroom backlashed and their consumers turned a back on them. The massive target boycott which has captured the attention of many shoppers reached a boiling point when their stores started receiving fewer customers than it did a […]

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Transgender Transgender Policy
Transgender Policy against LGBT inmates
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Introduction Transgender people are those who go through an incongruity between their gender characteristics or gender identity, and their given gender. Transgender is also a complex term in addition to including people whose gender identity is different from their given sex it may comprise people who are neither completely masculine nor completely feminine. Transgender people are seen as an extra gender […]

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Gender Discrimination Gender Identity Lgbt Psychoanalysis Transgender Transgender Policy
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act 2013 for LGBTQ
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Introduction Today’s population of people has seen an increase in the diversity of race, ethnicity, place of origin, identity of gender and sexual orientation. These factors have been the fulcrum that brings about the discrimination experienced in the United States. Discrimination of race, gender or sexual orientation has been experienced at some point by every […]

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Lgbt Transgender Policy
Transgender People and Bathroom Access
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Transgender relates to a person whose identity differs from his or her sex. The cause of transgender is mostly biological reasons. In the recent developments, a policy was effected by the federal government that required schools to allow transgender children to use restrooms based on their gender identity rather than the gender listed. Gender identity […]

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Gender Discrimination Gender Identity Transgender Transgender Policy
Non-Discrimination Laws against Transgenders
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Typically, transgender persons are those people that have a mismatch between their assigned sex and their gender expression or gender identity. In recent times, as seen in the case of Bruce Jenner (turned Kaitlynn Jenner) some may seek medical assistance for transition into the preferred sex. Over the years, transgender persons have faced many problems […]

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Transgender Transgender Policy