Analysis of Three Supreme Court Cases Essay Example
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Introduction The work of the State Supreme Courts are the highest courts in American State judicial system. The main goal of these courts is to rectify the errors made by inferior state courts in the case of an appeal. These courts listens to appeals from inferior state courts meaning that they do not hold trial […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
Analysis of Two Supreme Court Cases Essay Example
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People of the State of Illinois v. Sanders Facts The state of Illinois prohibits husbands and wives from testifying in criminal trials in matters relating to any conversations between them. The state allows for the husband and wife to testify if the conversations took place in the presence of a third party. The state however […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
The Supreme Court Case of North Carolina v. Bruce Franklin Jerrett Essay Example
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The defendant, Bruce Franklin Jerrett was convicted in the Supreme Court, Alleghany County, by Julius A. Rousseau, J. He was convicted of felonious breaking and entering, armed robbery and murder. On 24th July 1981, Dallas Parsons and Edith Parsons lived in the Piney Creek Community, North Carolina. Mr. Parsons’ brother, Tom Parsons and Tony Parsons […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
Gregg v. Georgia and Ewing v. California Supreme Court Cases Essay Example
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Gregg v. Georgia Issue A jury had found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and had given him a death sentence. Gregg appealed and the Georgia Supreme Court subsequently set aside the death sentence on armed robbery but affirmed the sentence on the murder charges. Gregg challenged the remaining sentence for murder by arguing […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
Supreme Court Case of Marbury v. Madison Essay Example
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Background After the 1800 elections, Thomas Jefferson emerged as the winner, succeeding John Adams as the third United States president. However, Jefferson didn’t take office until March of 1801. During this time, Congress, under the control of outgoing president Adams, passed the Judiciary Act (1801) which modified the 1789 Act (Marbury v. Madison, 1803). The […]

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James Madison Supreme Court Cases
Supreme Court Case Voisine v. United States Essay Example
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Voisine v. United States is a case about two men, Voisine and Armstrong who had been convicted of domestic violence by the state of Maine and then found in possession of firearms and again charged with violation of the federal law that prohibits the domestic abusers from possessing firearms (U.S. Supreme Court, 2016). Armstrong and […]

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Supreme Court Cases
Miller v. Alabama and and Jackson v. Arkansas Supreme Court Cases Essay Example
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Summary of the Facts The court’s decision was based on two cases that were consolidated; Miller v. Alabama, and Jackson v. Arkansas. In the case of Jackson v. Arkansas, Kuntrell Jackson; the petitioner, who at the time was 14 years old, was in the company of two other boys, Derrick Shields and Travis Booker, both […]

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