A subculture is a cultural group within a larger culture that maintains its own distinct characteristics, beliefs and values. Subcultures are found throughout society, from music to fashion styles to language. They can be based on age, gender, ethnicity, race or lifestyle preferences. The most common type of subculture is one formed around musical genres such as punk rock or rap music.Subcultures often develop out of an individual’s desire to express themselves in ways that differ from the mainstream culture they live in. Through their shared experiences, members of a subculture form strong bonds with each other that might not exist outside of the group. These relationships provide them with support and a sense of belonging that can help them feel connected to something greater than themselves. While some people may see certain subcultures as negative influences on society ” particularly if they involve criminal activity ” many actually have positive outcomes for members and their surrounding communities alike. For example, skateboarding has been embraced by some cities as an alternative way for young people to stay active and occupied after school hours; hip-hop has become an internationally recognized art form; and gay rights groups have helped bring about changes in social attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals all over the world. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that every subculture is made up of unique individuals who share similar interests ” whether it’s through clothing choices or musical tastes ” but ultimately need respect regardless of their differences from mainstream culture at large.

Gautam Malkani: Mixing and Matching Analysis Essay Example
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Gautam Malkani, in his Financial Times article titled “Mixing and Matching” (published on April 22, 2006), delves into the formation of the desi subculture among British Asians in London. This subculture has allowed these individuals to feel a sense of belonging and contribution to British culture, as it transcends racial boundaries. The author explains that […]

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Masculinity Subculture Tolerance
Exploring Hip Culture: An Introduction
8199 words 30 pages

Introduction This chapter gives an overview of what this reaseach aims to achieve upon closure. It gives a summary of the background, questions, significance and expectations from the research. Background to the study Hip culture grew from Bronx, New York in the 1970s as African American youths protested percieved oppression and discrimination by whites at […]

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Culture Subculture
The Deviant Subculture Ethnography Essay Example
1122 words 5 pages

Across various cultures, such as the United States and other nations, there is a common practice of setting up work regulations and societal norms. Charles Grill serves as a prime example of the importance of aiding fellow members of society. Irrespective of the location, drug abuse in the workplace is prohibited by all cultures. Society […]

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Culture Subculture
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