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India’s Art ; Culture
1909 words 4 pages

India or Bharat, the fifth largest and the second populated country in the world, is one of the few countries which can boast of an ancient, deep-rooted and diverse culture, which stretches back to 5000 years. In ancient times, India was known as ‘Bharata Varsha’, the country of the legendary king of Puranic times called […]

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Asia India Southeast Asia
Cebu Literature Essay Example
1334 words 3 pages

Villagonzalo was the first to write a Cebuano novel. Four typical novels on the love theme written by popular writers during the American period would represent the pre-war writers’ subconscious but collective efforts in creating a common core of meanings and values in the face of new American culture. These are Felicitas by Uldarico Alviola […]

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Asia Literature Philippines Southeast Asia
Saidatina Khadijah Essay Example
498 words 1 page

For me the word independence means being free from someone or something. In this case it would be Malaysia being free from the United Kingdom. As far as I know about Independence day it pretty much means an annual celebration for the anniversary of a nations independence. Malaysia’s independence was different from other countries because […]

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British Empire Government Health History Malaysia Southeast Asia Therapy
The Acquisition of Singapore by the British
3949 words 8 pages

The Acquisition of Singapore by the British. The description of the Island of “Pu Luo Chung” is the original and earliest written trace or record of Singapore which was a Chinese account of the 3rd century, probably a paraphrase of the Malay Pulau Ujong, “island at the end” . The Sejarah Melayu contains a tale of a prince of Srivijaya, Sri Tri […]

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Asia British British Empire Singapore Southeast Asia
What Do You Understand By The Term Globalization Essay Example
3137 words 7 pages

Title : What do you understand by the term globalization? Why has interest in globalization intensified in recent years? Introduction If searching on Google website and type the word “Globalization”, just 0. 22 second you will receive a substantial number of nearly 24 million results. This shows that “globalization” is a word being most mentioned […]

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Globalization Southeast Asia Vietnam
Similarities Between Tunku Adbul Rahman
622 words 2 pages

Their similarities start from their birth place. Both men were born in Alor Sertar, Kedah. They also spent much of their childhood there, growing up in the same town but in a different era. It was also surprising that both former prime minister are coincidentally of mix parentage. Tunku Abdul Rahman is of Malay descendent […]

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Asia Islam Malaysia Religion Southeast Asia
Marketing and Ikea
3498 words 7 pages

Their image of quality and affordability is an asset and their unique decision to go to flat packs provided portability and greater storage capacity. KEA has weaknesses greatest of which is a resistance to change. They also lack transparency between divisions, have high staff turnover, and have difficulty forecasting demand. They have opportunities in the […]

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Asia China Marketing Southeast Asia
350 words 1 page

Terengganu is one of the Malaysian state which situated in north-eastern Peninsular Malaysia. The coastal city of Kuala Terengganu at the mouth of Terengganu River is the largest city in Terengganu where we can find a lot of shops and government offices right here. Terengganu is most known by its interesting place to visit,its traditional […]

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Asia Food Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Southeast Asia
Economic and Social Change in Indonesia
2077 words 4 pages

Topic 1: European economic and political expansion in Southeast Asia in the last quarter of the 20th century resulted in the greater integration of the region into the international economy. Six ‘new’ states emerged – Indonesia, Malaya, Burma, the Philippines, Indochina, and Thailand. Discuss the economic and social change in the region with reference to […]

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Change Economic Growth Inflation Social Change Southeast Asia
Terrorism Is Defined As Political Violence Based Crisis Tourism Essay Example
3798 words 8 pages

Traveling has ever been portion of peoples lives for many centuries, in the olden yearss people used to go for spiritual intents, cultural, or merely to research the universe out at that place. Frankly, touristry is defined as going from one topographic point to another topographic point or from one state to another whether it […]

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Politics Social Issues Southeast Asia Terrorism Violence
Singapore – the Way to a Global City
3436 words 7 pages

Anyone who had a chance to witness a Singapore of the 1950s-the British’s colonial port and a prosperous Singapore nowadays has to admire the rise of Singaporean as well as the wise leadership of the government. There is no doubt that the city-state of Singapore represents a remarkable success story that has placed the country […]

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Asia Singapore Southeast Asia
Human Resources And Payroll Outsourcing Business
3606 words 7 pages

Employee benefits and paysheet disposal remain the nucleus undertaking concerns tend to offload. Both activities can devour significantly more clip to administrate than one might anticipate, yet they are reasonably straightforward to procedure. These yearss, concern proprietors are buried under mountains of paperwork. Besides paysheet processing and quarterly/annually revenue enhancement studies, there are a turning […]

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Debit Card Outsourcing Southeast Asia
The History Of Socio Culture Sociology Essay Example
3849 words 8 pages

The Kingdom of Thailand is situated in the centre of Southeast Asia, surrounding Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. The state is shaped like the caput of an elephant with the bole indicating South. Covering a entire country of 514,000 sq kilometer ( 198,445 sq myocardial infarction ) , Thailand is rich in agricultural and mineral […]

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Family History Sociology Southeast Asia Thailand
Philippine Revolts Against Spain Essay Example
2124 words 5 pages

During the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, there were several revolts against of the Spanish colonial government by native-born Filipinos and Chinese, often with the goal of re-establishing the rights and powers that had traditionally belonged to tribal chiefs and the Chinese traders. Most of these revolts failed because the majority of the native […]

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Asia Philippines Southeast Asia
The Municipality of Sta. Cruz’s Role in Filipino History
2056 words 4 pages

The municipality of Sta. Cruz was an active participant in the making of Mindanao’s and Philippines’ histories. From the Spanish rule, to American regime, to Japanese occupation, to independence, to Martial Law, to EDSARevolution, Sta. Cruz’ story was intricately interwoven into the country’s saga. This gulf town was originally called “Labo” a Bagobo word meaning […]

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History Philippines Southeast Asia Spain
Rizal – College
3381 words 7 pages

Rizal: Return to the Philippines (MANILA) The stunning beauty of the European lands did not stop Rizal from continuously adoring his native land. After the Noli Me Tangere was published, he decided to return to Calamba despite the many warnings he received from friends and relatives alike. He had four reasons for returning to the […]

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College Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Iloilo Is a Province of the Philippines, Located in the Western Visayas Region
908 words 2 pages

A BRIEF HISTORY The ten Bornean datus who purchased Panay in 1212 from Negrito Chief Marikudo for a gold salakot (hat) and a golden necklace are said to have landed near the Siwaragan River in what is now San Joaquin, Iloilo. Datu Paiburong was given territory of Irong-Irong or what is now Iloilo. In 1566, […]

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Literature Philippines Southeast Asia
Malaysia Films Essay Example
375 words 1 page

In what ways are Malaysian-made feature films important? Compare and contrast the potential impact foreign-made and locally-made films have on Malaysian audiences. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Films are a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a cinema or on television. Films from the first […]

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Malaysia Society Southeast Asia
Malacca History Essay Example
1403 words 3 pages

Malacca is a small state encompassing 1657km2 on the Western Peninsular of Malaysia. Geographically positioned along East-West trading route, at the busiest and narrowest point of Straits of Malacca, the state experienced a unique culmination of cultural and historical influences from Malay Sultanate (1400-1511), Portuguese colonial (1511-1641), Dutch colonial (1641-1795), English colonial (1795-1942, 1945-1957) and […]

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Asia History Malaysia Southeast Asia
P. Ramley Is an Actor, Director, Musician and Composer
720 words 2 pages

P. Ramlee (b. 22 March 1929, Penang- d.29 May 1973) was the quintessential Malay entertainer par excellence – actor, director, composer and singer. Despite being unschooled in music and the performing arts, Ramlee attained the heights of a legend, with an impressive track record of having acted in 65 films and sung 390 songs. Closely […]

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College Malaysia Southeast Asia
The Philippine Prehistory
1720 words 4 pages

Culture is the way of living of certain people. How they dress, how they eat, how they court and bear children, how they are buried, and many more refer to their culture. Edward B. Taylor defined culture as that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, moral, laws, customs, and any capabilities and habits acquired […]

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Asia History Philippines Southeast Asia
Hokkien Dialect
1839 words 4 pages

Hokkien is originated in the Southern region of Fujian province which is an important centre for trade and migration. From the deal, trade and migration of the people from China to overseas, the dialect has since spread beyond China and becoming one of the most common Chinese languages in the overseas. Apart from Taiwan, a […]

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Asia Dialect Linguistics Southeast Asia

Popular Questions About Southeast Asia

What are the 11 countries in Southeast Asia?
List of countries in Southeast AsiaCambodiaLaosMyanmar (Burma)MalaysiaThailandVietnamBruneiEast TimorIndonesiaPhilippines
What countries are classified as Southeast Asia?
It consists of two distinctive different geographic regions, one is mainland Southeast Asia, also known as Indochina, on the Indochinese peninsula; it comprises the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam and West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia), the other is the Malay Archipelago, or Maritime Southeast Asia, which comprises
What countries are in South East Asia?
Southeast Asia is integrated geographically by the following countries and territories:(1) Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace(2) Kingdom of Cambodia(3) Republic of Indonesia(4) Lao People's Democratic Republic(5) Federation of Malaysia(6) Republic of the Union of Myanmar(7) Republic of the Philippines(8) Republic of Singapore(9) Kingdom of Thailand(10) Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
What is Southeast Asia's only landlocked country?
Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, and it lies mostly between latitudes 14° and 23°N (a small area is south of 14°), and longitudes 100° and 108°E. Its thickly forested landscape consists mostly of rugged mountains, the highest of which is Phou Bia at 2,818 metres (9,245 ft), with some plains and plateaus.