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Fdi Spillovers in Slovakia – Focus on the Automobile Industry Essay Example
3342 words 13 pages

1. Introduction Slovakia has outgrown the image of “no-name” countries. It is no longer known as a chunk of former Czechoslovakia but the biggest world car producer per capita by 2008. It’s growth rate in the third quarter of 2007 is a record 9,4% without overheating the economy (domestic and foreign demand growth are balanced). […]

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Economic Growth Focus Foreign Direct Investment Industry Slovakia
The Bata Shoe Organization Essay Example
500 words 2 pages

This case talks about Bata Shoe Organization, the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of Footwear Company and the challenges faced by the company while determining its future long-term strategy and in finding a top management team. The case deals with the problems that Bata might face due to the political and economic changes taking place […]

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Economics Free Market Slovakia

Popular Questions About Slovakia

Is Slovakia rich or poor country?
Slovakia is considered a high-income advanced economy. Following the return to democracy, the country underwent a challenging transition to a market economy and the privatizations of most industries are now complete. Substantial regional differences exist, however, in wealth and employment.
What race is Slovak?
The Slovaks (Slovak: Slováci, singular: Slovák, feminine: Slovenka, plural: Slovenky) are a West SlavicWest SlavicThe West Slavs are a subgroup of Slavic peoples who speak the West Slavic languages. They separated from the common Slavic group around the 7th century, and established independent polities in Central Europe by the 8th to 9th centuries.
Is Slovak Russian?
The Slovaks belong to a wider group of people known collectively as the Slavs. To this group belong also Russians, Poles, Ruthenians, Czechs, Croats, Serbs, Slovenes, Ukrainians, Bulgars, and Macedonians.
Is Slovakia safe to travel?
Slovakia is a safe country to visit. Crime rates are low, even by European standards and violent crime is almost non-existent. Pickpockets are definitely a problem, though much less so than in other European countries and top destinations.
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