Puerto Rico Essay Examples

Folk Instruments of Puerto Rico: Their Origins, Roots and Influence in Puerto Rican Culture

Westminster Choir College of Rider University Princeton, NJ FOLK INSTRUMENTS OF PUERTO RICO: THEIR ORIGINS, ROOTS AND INFLUENCE IN PUERTO RICAN CULTURE Luis F. Rodriguez MH 631 – Introduction to Musicology Prof. Mirchandani 12/19/2001 CONTENTS: Introduction3 Historical Background3 Musical Genres4 Musical Instruments Taino Heritage6 African Heritage8 Plucked String Instruments (“Spanish Heritage”)9 Their Relationship with Folk/Popular […]

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Roberto Clemente

A dazing baseball ace of exceling accomplishments. Roberto Clemente ( 1934-1972 ) was the first great Latin American participant to capture the major conferences. His life was cut short when his plane. presenting alleviation supplies to earthquake-devastated Nicaragua. crashed on the last twenty-four hours of 1972. A Puerto Rican national hero. Hall of Fame outfielder […]

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Aeis Report

I reviewed the 2009-2010 AEIS report for Cinco Ranch High School in Katy ISD. Cinco Ranch High School’s accountability rating was exemplary and they also received Gold Performance Acknowledgments. A few of these acknowledgments included Recommended High School Program (Class of 2009), Texas Success Initiative ELA, Texas Success Initiative Mathematics, as well as Commended on […]

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Should Puerto Rico Become 51st State

America gained territorial possession of Puerto Rico in 1889. Puerto Rico declared them as a common wealth. There are several reasons why it would be easy to change Puerto Rico from being a U. S. territory to a U. S. state. Puerto Ricans were officially U. S. citizens after the United States military took the […]

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