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Maguindanao Massacre Essay Example
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On November 23, 2009, a significant and controversial event took place in Cotabato. This day brought darkness and fear to the city as numerous innocent people were executed by those desperate for power. Even in a country used to election violence, this massacre of at least 57 defenseless civilians on Mindanao Island was unprecedented. The […]

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Popular Questions About Provinces Of The Philippines

What are the names of the provinces in the Philippines?
Cities and municipalities. The province was composed of the City of Manila and 23 other municipalities. The districts of Binondo, Dilao, Ermita, Malate, Pandacan, Quiapo, Sampaloc, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, and Tondo are often referred to as " pueblos ", " arrabales " ("suburbs") or "neighbourhoods" of Manila.
How many provinces are there in the Philippines?
The Provinces of the Philippines are the main political and administrative divisions of the Philippines. There are 80 provinces at present. The provinces are divided into cities and municipalities. The National Capital Region, as well as independent cities, are separate from any provincial government.
What is the richest province in the Philippines?
Cebu is the richest province in the Philippines according to Commission on Audit’s 2015 Annual Report for Local Government Units which was transmitted to President Rodrigo Duterte on September 28, 2016. With a net worth of P28.53 Billion, it ranks 1st among 81 provinces in the Philippines.
Which Province in the Philippines has the most population?
If highly urbanized cities are included in the provincial population, Cebu province (including the cities of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, and Mandaue) is the most populated (4,632,359). Those with the lowest population are Batanes (17,246), Camiguin (88,478), and Siquijor (95,984).
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