A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in written or spoken language, which consists of one or more sentences focusing on a particular idea, topic or theme. It usually starts with an indentation and ends with a period, question mark, exclamation point or dash. In addition to being the building blocks for longer compositions such as essays, paragraphs are essential for clarity and coherence within an essay. A well-formed paragraph has several distinct components: A clear main idea (or topic sentence) that controls the content of the entire paragraph; supporting details that expand upon and explain the main idea; transitions between ideas; and conclusion statements that wrap up the discussion. Proper use of punctuation helps readers make sense out of what is being said by connecting related thoughts. When constructing paragraphs in an essay, it’s important to ensure they are coherent and logically flow from one to another so that readers can follow along easily. This means using transitions between each paragraph to emphasize how they’re connected while also introducing new topics as you move through your argument or story. Additionally, be sure to use effective word choice when writing these paragraphs”avoiding jargon and clichés will help ensure clarity in your writing. Finally, make sure each paragraph contains at least two complete sentences before moving onto the next one”this ensures there is enough substance in each section while still providing ample room for further development throughout the rest of your essay.

My Thoughts About Creative Writing Essay Example
1652 words 7 pages

Mary Anne, a petite woman standing at just 5’1” with a robust build, resided on the outskirts of New York City alongside her two children—son Amos and daughter Veronica. Her physical attributes frequently bestowed upon her a grave expression. Mary Ann possessed a sweet and innocent appearance, thanks to her curly brown hair cascading down […]

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The History of Beauty Pageants Essay Example
778 words 3 pages

The beauty pageant, although seen as an expensive hobby and perhaps is in decay in the developed world is actually a flourishing cultural organization in various countries such as Nicaragua, the Philippines, Belize and Liberia. Aside from a few minute differences, the format is similar across different nations, cultures and societies; most pageants are made […]

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