Panda bears are one of the most iconic symbols of conservation, and with good reason. They are native to China, where they live in mountain forests high in the misty fog. Pandas have been a symbol of peace for centuries and their appearance often conjures up feelings of serenity and calmness. Panda’s diet consists mainly of bamboo, which is why they spend about 12 hours per day eating it on average. The purpose of this long feeding period is to gain enough energy from the low-nutrient content food source; as such pandas need to consume large amounts throughout the day. In addition to bamboo, pandas also eat fish, honey, eggs and small animals like mice or birds if available. Pandas have an interesting social structure due to their solitary nature: adult males will interact with each other during mating season but otherwise avoid each other while females can be seen playing together when not caring for cubs. Additionally male pandas tend to mark trees with scent glands located near their eyes as a way of claiming territory – this behavior has become known as tree marking”. The greatest threat facing pandas today is habitat loss over 85% of panda habitats have already been destroyed by human activity meaning that populations are now confined to isolated pockets across southwest China’s mountainous regions – making them vulnerable in terms of genetic diversity and overall population numbers. Due to this fact many conservation efforts focus heavily on preserving these remaining environments from deforestation and other human disturbances so that wild populations can survive in the future. Overall, Panda bears serve as important ambassadors for wildlife conservation around the world and continue to evoke admiration from people everywhere thanks largely due to their cute looks and gentle demeanor.

Panda Bears and the Endangered Species Act Involving the Policy Sciences Framework Essay Example
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Introduction Today, the numbers of Panda Bears are few, breed slowly, adapt to environmental and climatic conditions slowly. Pandas also depend entirely on environmental stability such that their fate lies in the hands of the human being. Previously, efforts have been made with a purpose of protecting Panda bear together with their environments solely on […]

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Endangered Species Panda
The Problem of Endangered Pandas Essay Example
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There have been significant instances of plant and animal species becoming extinct in both the 20th and 21st centuries, which has sparked intense debates on this matter. Human activities are responsible for the global endangerment of animal species and negative environmental news. The panda, which is naturally found in mountain temperate forests and grasslands, serves […]

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Anger Panda
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