Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that affects the female reproductive system. It occurs when abnormal cells in the ovary multiply uncontrollably and form a tumor or mass. It is one of the most deadly types of cancers, but it can be treated if caught early enough. In most cases, ovarian cancer begins in the outer layer of tissue around the ovaries (called the epithelium). As it progresses, abnormal cells may spread to other areas such as lymph nodes, abdomen, liver and lungs. Symptoms often do not appear until later stages of disease progression and include abdominal pain or bloating; frequent urination; feeling full quickly when eating; changes in bowel habits; fatigue; back pain; indigestion or heartburn; menstrual irregularities (i.e., heavier periods); pelvic pain or pressure ” all these symptoms are vague and can mimic many other illnesses making diagnosis difficult. Other tests used for diagnosis may include imaging tests like ultrasound, CT scans, MRI scans and PET scans as well as blood tests looking for elevated levels of CA-125 which is an antigen associated with some types of ovarian cancers. Treatment depends on several factors including age and stage at time of diagnosis however treatments could range from watchful waiting to surgery followed by chemotherapy depending on how advanced your case is at time of diagnosis. Surgery may involve removing part or all parts involved including uterus , fallopian tubes , omentum , appendix etc . Chemotherapy drugs kill off rapidly dividing cells like cancerous ones so they are usually very effective against this kind of cancer though side effects can be severe such as nausea , hair loss , fatigue etc . Radiation might also be used although less commonly than chemotherapy . Some newer therapies like targeted therapy exist too but more research needs to be done before we know how effective these are . The key to successful treatment lies in early detection . If you experience any symptoms mentioned above please see your doctor immediately . That way you increase chances that your case will get properly diagnosed earlier which increases success rate significantly .

Disease Early: The Benefits of Clinical Checkups
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It is hard to predict the kind of a disease or even an infection that you are likely to have without being undergoing through clinical checkups concerning the suspected infections depending on the symptoms displayed. Most individuals don’t suffer because they are ignorant but is due to unawareness of whatever it is that is causing […]

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