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Jacques Marquette and Joliet Expedition Essay Example
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In 1673, at the request of French colonial authorities, Jesuit missionary Father Jacques Marquette and fur trader Louis Joliet launched an expedition to investigate unexplored areas of North America. Their journey extended from the Great Lakes region down to the Gulf of Mexico. Using two bark canoes as their mode of transportation, they eventually arrived […]

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Popular Questions About Mississippi River

What states are on the Mississippi River?
Minnesota. The headwaters of the Mississippi River have historically been recorded as being in Lake Itasca, in the northern part of the state of Minnesota.Wisconsin. Iowa. Illinois. Missouri. Kentucky. Tennessee. Arkansas. Mississippi. Louisiana.
Is Mississippi River the longest river in the world?
The Mississippi River is the longest river in Arkansas, and runs from the northern region of the state of Minnesota and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River basin is the second largest in the US and the fourth largest in the world.
Is Mississippi River the largest in the world?
Rivers of the World: World's Longest RiversMissouri: 2,540 milesMississippi: 2,340 milesYukon: 1,980 milesRio Grande: 1,900 milesSt. Lawrence: 1,900 milesArkansas: 1,460 milesColorado: 1,450 milesAtchafalaya: 1,420 milesOhio: 1,310 milesRed: 1,290 miles
Why is the Mississippi River famous?
-At its deepest point, the Mississippi River is 200 feet deep. Now you know why the Mississippi River is so famous! The second longest river in the United States, the historically important Mississippi provides electricity and water to people and a home to hundreds of animal species.
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