Malcolm Gladwell is a renowned Canadian journalist, author, and speaker. He has written five books that have sold millions of copies worldwide and his work has been featured in newspapers such as The New Yorker. His work primarily focuses on the social sciences, particularly psychology and sociology.Gladwell’s first book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (2000) discusses how small changes can lead to large-scale effects. This idea of the tipping point” has become popularly referred to as the “tipping point”. In this book, Gladwell looks at things like crime epidemics, fashion trends, word-of-mouth marketing campaigns or even school reform efforts that show how seemingly insignificant ideas can actually cause big change.In Blink (2005), Gladwell examines why we make decisions quickly by exploring our instincts and biases rather than relying solely on facts and data. Outliers (2008) explains how success comes from hard work combined with unique opportunities ” not just natural talent ” while What the Dog Saw (2009) is an amalgamation of various essays he wrote for The New Yorker magazine which look at human behavior in a variety of contexts. Finally, David & Goliath (2013) challenges common assumptions about weaker versus stronger opponents by showing how these dynamics play out when it comes to education and business success stories alike. Overall Malcolm Gladwell’s works have inspired readers around the world to think differently about their lives and take chances they may not have otherwise taken before reading one of his books due largely to his ability to blend story telling with relevant science related insights into human behavior.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Biography and His Works Essay Example
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Malcom Gladwell the author of some of the most influential books in this contemporary age and a journalist as well was born in England in 1963 (Gladwell, p.5). He later moved to Canada as a boy with his family where he grew up and later realized his calling as a journalist. With a father that […]

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Malcolm Gladwell
Book Analysis: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Essay Example
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Abstract This paper will focus on comparing theories or concepts from two book analysis. These books are “The Outliers” by Gladwell and “Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills” by Andrew DuBrin. This paper will also focus on the principal purpose of the author in writing the book “The Outliers.” Several theories, Expertise Theory and Expectancy […]

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Malcolm Gladwell Outliers
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