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What Are Interest Groups? Definition And Examples
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Interest groups are groups of people, whether loosely or formally organized, that work to encourage or prevent changes in public policy without trying to be elected themselves. Sometimes also called “special interest groups” or “advocacy groups,” interest groups typically work to affect public policy in ways that benefit themselves or their causes. As anticipated by […]

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Puritans at Massachusetts Bay
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Puritans are the Anglicans that defected from the Anglican Church because they thought the church was still the same as the Catholic Church. The number of Puritans continued to increase in England and at one point were joint by John Winthrop, a son of a landowner. Later, King Charles gave a charter to merchants who […]

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What is meant by the concept “laboratories of democracy”?
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The concept “laboratories of democracy” elaborates the existence of a certain system of state autonomy within the federal structure whereby a state and local governments develop laws and policies (Bowman, Ann and Kearney, 44). While developing these laws and policies they act as social laboratories because they create and test them to ensure they are […]

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