Reducing Bank Fraud at XYZ Bank through Enhanced Due Diligence Essay Example
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According to the New York Times, the once respected tellers are now lowly paid and occasionally criminal (1 Feb. 2016). TD Bank, JP Morgan’s Chase Bank and Wells and Fargo have been recent victims of fraud committed by the employees (New York Times, 2016). Occupational fraud in organisations has been on the rise where an […]

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Fraud Identity Theft
Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Federal Bureau of Prison Essay Example
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The US Department of Justice and the office of the inspector general initiated an audit program upon receiving information that the Federal Bureau of Prison provided higher rates of reimbursement in healthcare. The Department of Justice conducted interviews, collected and analyzed data relating top how outside agencies provided reimbursement of healthcare services. It sought to […]

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Abuse Fraud
Occupational Fraud Causes Organizations To Lose Essay Example
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Introduction A study conducted by the Association of fraud examiners in 2010 revealed that up to 5% of organizations across the world lose revenues through fraudulent activities (Bierstaker, Brody, & Pacini, 2006). Occasionally, employees are involved in fraudulent activities such as money laundry and inventory theft. In Walmart for instance, fraud articulate to overnight employee […]

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Fraud Walmart