Forced prostitution is an abhorrent violation of human rights that must be eradicated. It is the exploitation of vulnerable people, often women and children, through coercion and manipulation into sexual servitude for commercial gain. This vile practice can take many forms including debt bondage, threats of violence or deportation, withholding wages or identification documents, psychological abuse and even physical force.The victims of forced prostitution are mainly female as they are more vulnerable to being trafficked or coerced into this form of labour due to their gender roles in society. Traffickers target both adults and minors with promises of a better life abroad but they find themselves in situations where they have no choice but to engage in sex work. In some cases, there may also be involvement from family members who sell their children into slavery for financial gain which leaves the victim feeling completely helpless and unable to escape the cycle of abuse.There are several factors that lead individuals to become victims such as poverty levels within certain communities; lack of education; economic insecurity; migration policies; racism; sexism; inadequate legal protection for vulnerable persons; corruption among law enforcement officials in some countries and even cultural norms which contribute to normalizing trafficking activities. In order to combat this heinous crime it is essential that governments around the world impose tougher laws on traffickers by stiffening penalties for those caught engaging in these activities while also providing support services for survivors so they can receive help in rebuilding their lives afterwards. Additionally, NGOs should focus on prevention efforts by increasing awareness about the risks associated with trafficking networks particularly among at-risk communities who may be most susceptible to falling prey to them such as refugees or migrants seeking opportunities overseas without proper documentation. Moreover more research needs to done into understanding why people choose (or feel compelled) go down this path so appropriate measures can be put in place before any individual becomes victimized by unscrupulous exploitative practices like forced prostitution .

Voluntary and Forced Prostitution Essay Example
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A huge debate has existed for many years about the issue of prostitution. On one side there are those feminist groups who believe that prostitution is sexual slavery and should be abolished. On the other side, there are other feminists who strongly object to the metaphor that prostitution is sexual slavery and believe that women […]

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Forced Prostitution Human Trafficking
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