Ethnic groups are social communities that share a common ancestry, national origin, language or culture. They are distinct from mainstream society in terms of their beliefs, values and customs. Throughout history, ethnic groups have been discriminated against due to their differences. This has led to prejudice and the marginalization of these communities in many societies around the world.Despite this discrimination, ethnic groups continue to exist today in various forms across all continents. In some countries such as India and China, these minority populations make up significant portions of the population. In other places such as Europe and North America they can be found living among majority populations but still maintain distinct cultural identities within those nations.The importance of recognizing and respecting the diversity represented by different ethnic groups is paramount for any modern society seeking to promote peace and harmony between its citizens. Accepting each group’s unique heritage allows us to better understand our own cultures while learning more about others too. Furthermore, celebrating different backgrounds encourages intercultural dialogue which strengthens relationships between individuals with diverse backgrounds while also creating an atmosphere of mutual respect regardless of race or ethnicity”a key factor for social cohesion in any community worldwide.

First Major Legislative Departure From The U.S. Policy Essay Example
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Indian Removal Act, (May 28, 1830), first major legislative departure from the U.S. policy of officially respecting the legal and political rights of the American Indians. The act authorized the president to grant Indian tribes unsettled western prairie land in exchange for their desirable territories within state borders (especially in the Southeast), from which the tribes would be […]

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