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Which industries are ripe for drones
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Drones are unnamed aerial vehicles used in very critical flight situation, though, many people thought they are just used by the militaries. They offer troops within 24-hour while keeping an eye on the sky and getting feedback on how things are on the ground. W.Bush of United States started the use of unmanned aircraft. There […]

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Drones in the Hands of Terrorists
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Introduction The recent spate of terrorist activities in the Middle East and Ukraine crisis has had an enormous effect on global peace posing great challenges to security and economic well-being of millions of people globally. Even more disturbing is the increasing high-end terrorism threats in most Western countries which have been previously regarded as very […]

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Drones Political Science
The tactics of the War on Terror
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Terrorist attack is a devastating national as well as global issue that necessitates for appropriate strategies in order to alleviate the increasing terrorism threats and to guarantee the citizens their national security (Eitzen, Zinn & Smith, 2013). This memo therefore intends to illustrate the effectiveness and detrimental impacts of specific tactics, use of drones and […]

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Barack Obama Drones President Vice President