Which Consideration Are Most Incongruent With Common Essay Example
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It is generally accepted within the law of contract that the ideal[s] of contractual fairness and liberty should prevail in contractual disputes. Central to these ideals is the doctrine of consideration and the principles within this doctrine such as, the lack of adequacy needed for consideration and the rules derived from both Stilk v Myrick […]

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Consumer Protection Act Essay Example
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The Consumer Protection Act 1999 (CPA) is an act with the objective to protect the consumers’ right which came into force in Malaysia on 15th November 1999. Basically, the provisions of this act cover areas not covered by other existing laws. This act provides simple and inexpensive redressal to the consumer’s grievances and relief of […]

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Terms are implied into contracts on many occasions Essay Example
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The terms of a contract describe the duties and obligations that arise under the agreement. Although a term has not been expressed by either party, it is nevertheless contained in the contract. Terms can be expressed or implied. Expressed terms may be expressed orally or in writing. A term may have been omitted by mistake, […]

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How effectively do you think those ‘piecemeal solutions’ Essay Example
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When surveying Europe’s legal landscape, English law’s refusal to incorporate a general duty of good faith identifies it as somewhat of an oasis, standing in stark contrast to those around it. Yet in examining the net result of those ‘piecemeal solutions’ used in its place, is it truly so adrift? If, after all, these present […]

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Quasi Contracts – A Retroactive Arrangement Between Two Parties Essay Example
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INTRODUCTION AND RATIONALE OF QUASI CONTRACTS Under the general heading of the Quasi contract there has been grouped a number of cases which have little or no affinity with contract. A simple illustration is afforded by the action to recover money paid by mistake. If the plaintiff on an erroneous interpretation of the facts, pays […]

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Popular Questions About Contractual Term

What are key contractual terms?
Key contract terms are the major provisions of a contract, which spell out contractual obligations, violating them can result in a breach of contract and lead to a legal action. It's common knowledge that a legally binding contract puts several relevant factors into consideration.
What are the different types of terms?
There are two main types of Implied term. Terms Implied by Statue. Terms Implied by Courts. Express Terms: – Express terms can be defined as the terms that have been specifically mentioned and agreed upon by both parties at the time of making that contract and they can be either in oral or in written.Aug 8, 2019
What are the three types of contractual conditions?
Types of Conditions Conditions precedent, conditions concurrent, and conditions subsequent are types of conditions that are commonly found in contracts. A condition precedent is an event that must exist as a fact before the promisor incurs any liability pursuant to it.
What are the types of contractual terms?
Types of contractual terms can be conditions, warranties or innominate terms. They may be expressed specifically in a contract, implied by a general understanding between the parties, or implied by statute.