Chapter 41

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Career Planning
A process of identifying a desired professional career path and the personal, educational, organizational and social factors that need to be in place to accomplish that path
Interprofessional Competence
Ability of health care providers from several health professions to communicate and work effectively together to enhance patient care
Learning Contract
A document that may be shared with others that specifies how learning will be accomplished, including outcomes, evidence of learning, and fine lines for accomplishment
Learning Plan
A plan for meeting an identified learning need; it includes the outcomes desired and the meanings of achieving and evaluating the learning
Lifelong Learning
The continuous development of new knowledge, skills and attitudes throughout a nurses career
Nursing Knowledge
The unique knowledge based on which nurses build their practice; it is a combination of ideas, research evidence and theories drawn from nursing and related fields
Professional Competence
Ability to demonstrate requires competencies for various levels of professional practice or specialization
Professional Portfoilo
An organized accumulation of evidence demonstrating competencies and achievements relevant to professional success
Professional Socialization
The process of assuming the knowledge base, attitudes, and values of a particular professional group
Self Directed Learning
A process by which an individual takes responsibility for learning by identifying a learning need and developing a personal plans as well as implementation and evaluation strategies

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