Delta Gamma History

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3 Founders
Eva Webb Dodd, Anna Boyd Ellington, Mary Comfort Leonard
Month and year of founding
December, 1873
School, city, and state, of founding
Lewis School for Girls Oxford, Mississippi
What did first frat pin look like and what did it stand for?
In the shape of an H which stood for hope
Bronze, pink, blue
Official magazine of DG
Cream colored rose
Do Good
Only Male?
George Banta
Who is DG governed by during the interim period between conventions?
1. Establish independent philanthropic foundation in Ohio 1951.
2. 1 out of 7 original women in panhellenic conference
3. 1st to establish flower registered with America rose society
4. Helen Keller Award
5. Have printing press in house
How long is a DG required to pay dues?
50 years
What are the 7 elected council officer positions?
vp communication
vp membership
vp finance
vp collegient
vp alumni
vp programming
What is the legal document that is signed by every new member of Delta Gamma prior to initiation?
Statement of Obligation
What are the responsibilities of members?
1. Live by the high standards and ideals fostered by Delta Gamma
2. Uphold the Oath of Friendship and the Oath of Secrecy The Shield of Delta Gamma
3. Be respectful of her country, her university, her Fraternity
4. Act in accordance with the Constitution and policies of Delta Gamma
5. wear her badge showing pride in membership
6. Live in the Delta Gamma chapter house when such a unit is provided contribute her talents and energy toward maintaining the
strength and success of her chapter and the Fraternity
7. Achieve her scholastic potential
8. Conduct herself so that she will always bring credit to Delta Gamma and the fraternity system
9. To attend all chapter meetings and functions relating to
membership selection, rituals and the Founders
10. To meet all financial responsibilities
What is the DG policy about hazing?
Strictly forbids
Complete the Purpose of Delta Gamma Fraternity as set forth in Article II of the Constitution: The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of ____________ among college women, to promote their ________ and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of ___________, and to develop in them the best qualities of ___________.
Primary Purpose of DG
Foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility, and develop the finest qualities of character.
Requirements for Initiation
1. Meet qualifications stated in Article IV, Section 1 of the Delta Gamma Constitution at the time of Initiation.
2. Complete the new member education units as outlined in the New Member Pursuit.
3. Have been pledged in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
4. Meet all financial obligations to the Fraternity and chapter/colony.
5. Sign and comply with the Statement of Obligation.
6. Meet all university or college Panhellenic requirements for Initiation.
7. Achieve a score of 90 percent or better on the comprehensive test given the final week of the New Member Pursuit.
What month and date is Founders Day?
On or around March 15
3 areas of DG philanthropy
Executive Offices
Located in Columbus, Ohio and provides administrative services to collegians and alumnae
Executive Director
Supervises the staff of Executive Offices and serves as an ex-officio member of Council
National Panhellenic Conference
26 member group that governs women’s sororities and fraternities
College Panhellenic
Comprised of delegates from each NPC group and organized to promote cooperation among women’s sororities and fraternities on a campus level
Initiated member of Delta Gamma who has generally completed college
Official symbol of our Fraternity
The Delta Gamma document that delineates the provisions by which Delta
ConstitutionGamma is governed
Collegiate Development Consultant
A recent graduate, hired on an annual basis – is trained to help collegiate chapters
Chapter Management Team
Team of chapter members that has been elected and appointed to different positions of the chapter
In which region is Delta Chi chapter located?
Region 8
Regional Collegiate Specialist for Delta Chi?
Patricia (Patti) Scotti-Baird
Regional Director
Oversees operations of all alumnae and collegiate chapters within the region
Regional Collegiate Specialist
Assists collegiate chapters with Honor Board, chapter operations and programming needs
Regional Alumnae Specialist
Assists alumnae chapters with operations, recruitment, and programming needs
Regional Foundation Coordinator
Coordinates service for sight for our region
Regional Finance Specialist
Assists collegiate chapters with Greek Bill and budgets
Regional Collegiate Recruitment Specialist
Assists collegiate chapters with recruitment and continuous open bidding
Regional Housing Director
Assists collegiate chapters and House Corporations with needs regarding housing
What is the Greek Name of this Chapter?
Delta Chi
President of our chapter
Katie Schott
VP Programming
Amanda Roberts
VP Social Standards
Cassi Tinetti
VP Member Education
Amanda Giel
VP Recruitment
Vivian Su
VP Finance
Noelle Elizabeth Caron
VP Foundation
Caitlin Shapiro
VP Panhellenic
Lara Kapelke
VP Communications
Katerina Calilung
Honor Board Sophomore Member
Honor Board Junior Member
Honor Board Member at Large
Advisory Team Chairmen
Michelle Shoffner
Details about Convention
Votes in constitutial changes, revive reports from fraternity, review procedures and make necessary changes, plan program for next two years, and elect council officers.

Also is compromised of delegates from collegiate and alumnae chapters, is held every two years, is held at the same location each time, and elects the Council officers of the Fraternity Delta Gamma Council

Details about Council
Receives no money – not all live in Columbus, OH

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