Death and dying homework, chapter 8

Death customs of the ancient Egyptians
A culture focused on acquiring mortuary goods and preparing for the afterlife

The American funeral primarily focused on
The welfare of the survivors

Funerals are alike to other major transitions in life in that they all involve:
Rites of passage

David Sudnow study on death notification reveals:
Death notification generally occurs I a consistent pattern from the immediate family to the wider community

Approx what % of Americans knew within an hour if JFK’s death?

The funeral business is generally viewed as a:
“Mystery business”

FTC implemented the Trade Regulation Rule to:
Counteract potential for abuse in the funeral business

Normal functions of undertakers in the late 19th century:
A merchant who supplied

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materials and funeral paraphernalia

Funeral “parlors” acquired their name because:
It became a substitute for the ceremonial room that people no longer used in their homes for viewings

Bertram Puckle thinks funeral rites:
Are merely a vestige of a pagan superstitious fear of the dead

LeRoy Bowman thinks modern funerals:
Are overlaid with such ostentation that the essential meaning and dignity of funeral rites had all but disappeared

Jessica Mitford found modern funeral practices to be:
Bizarre and morbid, efforts to disguise and petrify death only making it more grotesque

Personalized funerals are also called:
Life-centered funerals

Excluding cemetery costs, the average US funeral now cost:

President Lincoln’s funeral procession increased the awareness of:

FTC funeral rule requires that mortuaries:
Get permission to embalm from PUD

Most popular choice of casket in US is made of:
Gasketed steel

An experimental medical technology that freezes a corpse to the temp of solid carbon dioxide

What countries use cremation as their most common method of disposition?
India and Japan

Ashes left from the cremation process are called:

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