CST 1215 Part 3

When using a ring topology, a ____ can be used to connect to another network that uses the same protocol.
a. star c. router
b. central controller d. bridge
In the ____ topology, all sites are connected to a single communication line running the length of the network.
a. bus c. star
b. ring d. gateway
A ____ includes information technology that operates within a radius of approximately 10 meters of an individual and is centered around that one person.
a. PAN c. WAN
b. MAN d. LAN
A ____ is a device and software used to connect two or more local area networks or systems that use different protocols; it translates one network’s protocol into another, resolving hardware and software incompatibilities.
a. router c. bridge
b. gateway d. tree
The maximum circumference for a MAN is ____.
a. 10 miles c. 100 kilometers
b. 50 kilometers d. 200 miles
Under the Domain Name Service (DNS) protocol, in the address [email protected], the host name is ____.
a. someone c. name2
b. name1 d. name3
When using the routing information protocol (RIP) to transfer data from one network to another, the path ____ is chosen.
a. with the fastest server c. with the shortest response time
b. that is most secure d. with the smallest number of hops
____ is an example of a circuit-switched network.
a. A telephone system c. The United States Postal Service
b. The Internet d. A local area network
Which characteristic is true of packet switching?
a. Preferred in low volume networks c. Preferred for voice communications
b. Easily overloaded d. Transmits in batches
In the ____ path-selection approach, the destination and sequence number of a packet are added to the information uniquely identifying the message to which the packet belongs; each packet is then handled independently and a route is selected as each packet is accepted into the network.
a. physical circuit c. telegram
b. datagram d. virtual circuit
Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) is a ____-based access protocol.
a. round robin c. contention
b. reservation d. detection
If a collision occurs when using CSMA/CD, a jamming signal is sent immediately to both sending nodes, which then wait ____ before trying again.
a. one millisecond c. one minute
b. one second d. a random period
In the distributed-queue, dual bus (DQDB) protocol, a node can use Bus 2 to send a ____ to its upstream neighbors.
a. reservation c. free slot
b. message d. token
The ___, which makes technical recommendations about data communication interfaces, took on the task of creating a universal network architecture, resulting in the OSI Reference Model.
a. IEEE 802 Committee
b. High-Level Data Link Organization
c. International Organization for Standardization
d. Transmission Control and Internet Committee
In the OSI transport protocol model, Layer Seven, the ____ layer, provides the interface to users and is responsible for formatting user data before passing it to lower layers for transmission to a remote host.
a. physical c. presentation
b. network d. application
The TCP/IP reference model has ____ layers that roughly correlate to the OSI’s seven layers.
a. two c. seven
b. four d. ten
When was the first version of UNIX written?
a. 1969 c. 1975
b. 1971 d. 1984
____ is a family of IEEE standards that define a portable operating system interface to enhance the portability of programs from one operating system to another.
For multiprogramming systems, most UNIX operating systems use either ____ management techniques.
a. indirect paging and hot swapping c. virtual memory and swapping
b. simple memory and paging d. swapping or demand paging memory
UNIX uses a ____ to keep track of which processes are using shared program code.
a. pointer c. binary file
b. text table d. database

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