Cracker Barrel Server Basics

Be the best restaurant company in America
Please People
Absolutes for Server
*One Stop Shop
*Check Back
*Check Down
*Prebussing to glasses
Thank You
Products for sale
*Pancake Mix
*Fried Apples
Cleaning Duties
*Clean as you go

*Clean at the end of the shift

*Management Action Chart Cleaning (M.A.C.)

Front Room
111 112 113 114
121 122 123 124
131 132 133 134
141 142 143 144
151 152 153 154
Round 161
Back Room
211 212 213 214
221 222 223 224
231 232 233 234
241 242 243 244
251 252 253
Round 261
7 Steps of Fast Service
1. Greet w/in 1 min. & take full order
2. Ring order 3 min. p taking order
3. Serve drinks w/smile & take order prn
4. Serve premeal food
5. Serve Hot food “HOT” Cold food “COLD”
6. Check back w/in 1 min, check down, prebus, refills
7. Suggest dessert
Goal total service times for meal with and without dessert
14 minutes

17 minutes

*First IN First OUT
*Deliver food to guests in the order that orders are completed
*First available server takes the first available tray of food to the guests
Grill Cook Area Window FIFO
Serve 4th Serve 3rd Serve 3rd Serve 4th
Serve 1st Serve 2nd Serve 2nd Serve 1st
Temperature Bread Drawer
210 F
Temperature Hot Box
160 to 170 F
Syrup Drawer Temperature
110 F
Server Line Steam Well temperature
160 to 180 F
Ice Cream Freezer Temperature
0 to 2 F
Walk in Freezers
-10 F to 0 F
Dip ticket items
4-6 minutes
Breakfast ticket items
8-10 minutes
CD plates
8-12 minutes
Fancy Fixins
12-15 minutes
Hospitality First
*Friendly with a smile
*Aware of Guest Comfort
*Positive and People pleasing attitude
Urgency with a purpose
*Moving quickly with a purpose at all times to serve the guest without sacrificing excellence

*Anticipating guests needs before being asked

*Uniforms sharp and crisp
*Professional body language
Team Player
*If you are not serving the guest you are serving someone who is

*Having a “How can I help?” attitude

*Being aware of potential bottlenecks and being proactive

Guideing Principles
*Hospitality First
*Urgency with a purpose
*Team player
Danger Zone Temperature
41 – 135 F
Call Back to Grill
*Plain Hamburger
Free Refills
*Fountain drinks
No free Refills
*Hot Tea
*Root Beer
*Bottled water
To Go Orders
*Time of call
Brew Temperature Tea
195 – 205 F
When washing hands need to rub hands together for….
20 seconds
Sugar Caddy
15 sugar
10 Yellow splenda
10 Pink Sweet and Low
10 Blue Equal
Salt placed on….
Left side of table
Before Serving know…
*Peak times
*Desserts available
*Specialty drinks available
Peak Periods

*10:00am to 11:00am

*4:00 to 5:00pm

Spot Seating
*Stand in front of oil lamp
*Counter clockwise
Bread comes with…
*Fancy Fixins
*CD plates
*Daily Specials
*Vegatable plates
*Beans and Greens
*Beef Stew
*Seasonal Promos
Tea brewed at 195 to 205 F and held for…
4 hours
Guests need to be…
Cooler Temperature
*36 to 40 F
Breakfast times
6am to close
Lunch times
11am to close
*Diners Club
*Personal Checks
*Travelers Checks
Does Cracker Barrel accept reservations?
Goal of peg game?
Jump pegs until one peg remains
Danger zone temperature
41 to 135 F

4 hours to toxic

Fundamental Five Food Safety
*Clean Hands
*Clean Service
*Clean Food
*Right Temperature
*Healthy personal
Gloves need to be used for…
*Unwrapped candy or fudge
*Food preparation
Daily Dinner Features
Monday – 2 Fried Pork Chops
Tuesday – Butter Baked Chicken
Wed – Broccoli Chedder Chicken
Thur – Turkey n’ Dressing
Friday – Fish Fry
Saturday – Chicken n’ Rice
Sunday – Homestyle Chicken
Daily Lunch Specials
Monday – Baked Chicken n’ Dressing
Tuesday – Meatloaf and MP
Wed – Chicken Pot Pie
Thur – Turkey n’ Dressing
Country Sandwhich Platters
*Half Pound Hamburger
*Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
*Grilled or Fried Chick.Tenderloin
*Grilled Bacon and Cheese
*Pork BBQ
*Grilled Meatloaf
*Country Ham
*Farmed Raised Catfish Fried or Spicy
Country Sandwhich Platters
*Seared SD bread
*Choice cup of soup or steak fries
Dressed Up Sandwhich Platters
*Sampling Coleslaw
*Choice cup of soup or steak fries
*Grilled Reuben
*1/2 lb bacon cheeseburger
*Chicken BLT Grilled or Fried
*Open Face Roast Beef
Grilled Reuben Platter
*Corned Beef
*Four slices swiss cheese
*Rye Bread
1/2 lb bacon cheese burger
2 slices colby
Served on seared bun
Chicken BLT
*Grilled or Fried
*2 slices colby cheese
Open Faced Roast Beef
*Toasted SD Bread w/beef & gravy
*Served with mash potatoes instead of steak fries or cup of soup
Onion rings or a bowl of soup substituted for steak fries or cup of soup costs….
$1.59 extra
Daily lunch specials come with how many vegetables?
Daily Dinner features come with how many vegetables?
Fancy Fixins come with what?
*Biscuits or Corn Muffins & real butter
*3 Country vegetables

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