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unconstitutional, and that it was a monopoly that favored the rich.

The charter for the bank was supposed to expire in 1836, but instead, Jackson acted on his own accord, and withdrew all federal funds from the Bank of the United States, and placed them into “pet banks” across the nation. Nowhere in the constitution did it give the president the power to do this, but this didn’t stop Jackson from following through, and completing his plan. This action was the catalyst for the creation of the Whig party, who saw Jackson as more of a tyrant then a president. The protective tariff, specifically the “Tariff of Abominations” sparked harsh controversy over the government’s power to tax for the purpose of protecting New England industries (which didn’t affect the South in the least bit).

All it did to the South was take money out of their pockets. This later led to the nullification crisis, and the passing of the Compromise of 1833. Another problem that was very controversial was Indian removal. On paper, the Indians were technically a sovereign state, but in actuality no one ever treated then that way. In the court case of Georgia vs. Cherokee Nation (1831), Georgia tried to remove the Cherokee nation from valuable gold mining land.

The case ended with the Indians being declared no longer sovereign, so they could be removed. This lead to the Worchester vs. Georgia case (1832), in which Chief Justice Marshall declared that a state could not break a federal treaty. When Marshall looked to Jackson for support, Jackson basically told him that he made the decision, so try and enforce it. Georgia defied the Supreme Court, and met with no consequence.

The need for political restructuring only occurs when there are problems with the way the nation is functioning. During the period between 1820 and 1840, the American people were faced with many political and economic hardships. The extreme actions of some politicians, such as Jackson, lead to the formation of new political..


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