CIS chapter 6

3D printers (additive manufacturing)
creates three-dimentional shapes by adding very thin layer after layer or material until the final shape is fully formed

aspect ratio
indicated the proportinal relationship between a display’s width and height. expressed by two numbers seperated by a colon (4:3 is square, 16:9 is widescreen)

bar code (readers)
either handheld wand readers or platform scanners. contain photoelectric cells that scan or read bar codes, the vertical zebra striped marks printed on a products container

a wireless connection to a sound card within the system unit

contrast ratio
indicates the monitors ability to display images. it compares the light intensity of the brightest white to the darkest black. high the ratio, better the monitor. good monitors have between 500:1 and 2000:1

dot pitch
the distance between each pixel. the closer they are the clearer the picture. new monitors have 0.30mm or less

dots per inch (dpi)
how the resolution for a printer is measured. the higher the dpi the better the quality. average is 1200 by 4800

the study of human factors related to things people use. eye-strain, back and neck pain, repetitive strain injury

high definition tv (hdtv)
delivers a much clearer and more detailed wide-screen picture than regular tv.

inkjet printer
spray ink at high speed onto the surface of paper. ideal for printing photos. relatively inexpensive and the most widely used printer. cartridges are most expensive, produces 15 to 19 black only pages, 13 to 15 color pages (per minute)

any data or instructions that are used by a computer. can come directly from you or other sources – you provide input whenever you use system or application programs

laser printer
use a technology similar to that used in a photocopying machine. use laser light beams to produce images with excellent letter/graphic quality. more expensive than inkjet. however, faster and are used in applications requiring high-quality output. personal – less expensive, one user, 15 to 17 pages per minute. shared – prints over 50 pages per minute.

magnetic-ink character recognition (micr)
used by banks to automatically read those unsusal numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips. special-purpose machine known as a reader/sorter reads these numbers and provides imput that allows the banks to effectively maintain customer account balances

mouse FINISH
controls a pointer that is displayed on the monitor. pointer – arrow shaped

optical character recognition (ocr)
uses special preprinted characters that can be read by a light source and changed into machine readable code. common as handheld wand readers

processed data o information. typically takes the form of text, graphics, photos, audio, and/or video.

special-purpose printers for producing a wide range of specialized outputs. using outputs from graphics tablets and other graphical input devices. create maps, images, and architectural and engineering drawings. typically used by artists, engineers, architects to print designs, sketches, drawings

translate information that has been processed by the system unit and present the information on paper, called hard copy.

RFID reader
read RFID tags – tiny chips that can be embedded in most everything. contain electronically stored information located several yards away. (pet chip finder)

a penlike device typically used with tablets and mobile devices. use pressure to draw images on a screen. often interacts with the computer through handwriting recognition software.

touch screen
allows users to select actions or commands by touching the screen with a finger or penlike device. multi-touch – touched with more than one finger which allows for different interactions

universal product code (UPC)
widely used by retail stores to automate the processes to check out customers, to change product prices, and to maintain inventory records

virtual reality (vr)
an artificial, or stimulated, reality created in 3D by computers. tried to create a virtual or immersive experience by using specialized hardware that includes headgear and gloves

voice over IP (voIP)
a set of standards or technologies that support voice and other types of communication over the internet (skype)

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