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The Internet is ________.
1) an internal communication system for a business
2) a communication system for the U.S. government
3) the same as the Web
4) a large network of networks
a large network of networks
The concept of the Internet developed from ________.
1) the need for electronic mail
2) the desire to create portable music
3) the Cold War crisis
4) the need to digitize both audio and video
the Cold War crisis
The agency that first began funding the Internet was called the ________.
1) Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
2) Advanced Research Computing Agency
3) National Science Foundation
4) Science Research Projects Agency
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
The Internet backbone refers to ________.
1) a set of numbers comprising an Internet address
2)the main pathway of high-speed communications lines through which all Internet traffic flows
3) the software that operates a Web server
4) a broadband Internet connection
the main pathway of high-speed communications lines through which all Internet traffic flows
RSS stands for ________.
Really Simple Syndication
E-commerce that involves businesses buying and selling goods and services to other businesses is called
The “s” in https stands for ________.
1) secure socket logon
2) secure socket layer
3) safety secured logon
4) shop secure layer
secure socket layer
HTTP is the abbreviation for ________.
2) Hypertext Transmission Protocol
4) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
.com is the ________.
1) domain name
2) host
3) top-level domain
4) protocol
top-level domain
What protocol allows files to be transferred from a Web server so that you can view them on your computer
using a browser?
1) FTP
3) COM
4) WWW
A list of pages within a Web site that you have visited and that usually appears at the top of a page is
referred to as a(n) ________.
1) index
2) navigation bar
3) breadcrumb trail
4) cookie trail
breadcrumb trail
Search engines have which three parts?
a spider, an indexer, and search engine software
What does Web 2.0 describe?
a trend of new Web applications that combine the functionality of
multiple applications
The Internet2 is a project ________.
to develop new Internet technologies
T/F The Internet is referred to as a client/server network.
T/F The # sign can be used as a wildcard when conducting searches with most search engines.
T/F In reference to URLs, domain name and host name are used interchangeably.
T/F The Internet protocol used to upload and download files is HTTP.
T/F Web-based e-mail programs are usually more full featured than client-based e-mail systems.
T/F The Internet was developed to ensure faster delivery of communications such as mail.
T/F The Internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing.
Software refers to a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. These instruction sets are called
1) databases
2) programs
4) devices
Software that lets you do tasks at home, school, and work is called ________.
1) application software
2) system software
3) utility software
4) reference software
application software
The Operating System(O.S) is the most common type of ____________ software.
A. communication
B. application
C. system
system software
The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon, are called:
The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is the
system unit
The ____________ is the program that manages the hardware of the computer system, including the CPU,
memory, storage devices, and input/output devices.
operating system
The type of operating system software you use depends on your computer’s ____________.
The devices on a computer system that let you see the processed information are known as ____________
T/F Strictly defined, a computer is a data processing device.
T/F Output devices store instructions or data that the CPU processes.
All of the following are tasks performed by the operating system EXCEPT:
A. managing hardware on the computer.
B. controlling the way application programs work with the CPU.
C. performing housekeeping tasks like file compression and disk defragmentation.
D. providing an interface for users to interact with the computer.
performing housekeeping tasks like file compression and disk defragmentation.
All of the following are operating system categories EXCEPT:
A. real-time.
B. single-user, single-task.
C. single-user, multitask.
D. virtual.
During the boot process, the ____________ looks for the system files.


The unique signal, generated by a device, that tells the operating system that it is in need of immediate
attention is called an:
A. action.
B. event.
C. interrupt.
The operating system controls access to the processor by assigning a(n) ____________ to each task
requiring the processor’s attention.
B. slice of time
C. stack
D. event
slice of time
Which of the following was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computers?
1) Symbian OS
2) Microsoft Windows
4) Linux
Which of the following is NOT a function of the operating system?
1) It provides a user interface.
2) It manages the processor.
3) It manages the removal of spyware.
4) It provides a way for software applications to work with the CPU.
It manages the removal of spyware.
The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is referred to as a computer’s ________.
1) specifications
2) minimum requirements
3) platform
4) firmware
Some video games require a ________ operating system.
1) single-user, single-task
2) single-user, multitask
3) multiuser
4) real-time
Which of the following operating systems is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?
2) Mac OS
4) Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS use a ________ interface.
1) menu-driven
2) graphical user
3) command-driven
4) virtual
graphical user
Which of the following statements about a graphical user interface is FALSE?
1)A GUI uses windows, which are rectangular boxes displayed on the screen.
2)Icons represent an object such as a software application, a file, or a folder.
3) A GUI is a command-driven interface.
4) A GUI uses menus, which are lists of commands that appear on the
A GUI is a command-driven interface.
During the virtual memory process, the operating system moves data to a temporary storage area on the
hard drive called the ________ file.
1) virtual
2) swap
3) RAM
4) memory
XO is the name of the computer being provided by the ________ project.
1) IT Beta
2) Computers for All
3) DigiKid
4) One Laptop per Child
One Laptop per Child
Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a ________ that facilitates
communication between the device and the OS.
1) device driver
2) translator
3) communication utility
4) device configurator
device driver
The ________ is responsible for managing the processor and all other components of the computer system,
and is an essential part of the operating system.
3) processor
4) kernel
Which of the following is the first step in the boot process?
1) The BIOS is activated by powering on the CPU.
2) The BIOS checks that all devices are in place.
3) The OS is loaded into RAM.
4) Configuration and customization settings are checked.
The BIOS is activated by powering on the CPU.
The ________ is a program that manages the data between the operating system and all input and output
devices attached to the system.
2) Device Manager
3) Configuration utility
The basic input/output system is stored on a ________ chip.
1) ROM
2) CPU
3) RAM
Which of the following does NOT occur during the power-on self-test?
1) The video card and video memory are tested.
2) The OS is moved into RAM.
3) The BIOS is identified.
4) Memory is tested.
The OS is moved into RAM.
The ________ contains all of the different configurations used by the OS and by other applications.
1) registry
4) kernel
The OS allows you to organize the contents of your computer in a hierarchical structure of ________.
1) files
2) libraries
3) directories
4) drives
In Windows, which character is used as a path separator?
1) forward slash (/)
2) colon (:)
3) backslash ()
4) hyphen (-)
backslash ()
In the Windows operating system, the hard drive is represented as the ________.
1) A drive
2) D drive
3) E drive
4) C drive
C drive
Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges files on your hard drive in sequential order?
1) Disk Cleanup
2) Disk Defragmenter
3) Error-checking
4) Task Manager
Disk Defragmenter
Which of the following types of programs help manage system resources such as the hard drive?
1) application software
2) utility programs
3) productivity software
4) application programming interfaces
utility programs
In Windows, you can create ________ to reset your system in the case of a malfunction.
1) a previously saved configuration
2) restore points
3) backup flash drives
4) backup points
restore points
T/F The combination of a computer’s operating system and application software is referred to as the computer’s
T/F When your computer runs out of RAM, the operating system borrows space from the CPU.
T/F Safe boot is a special diagnostic mode designed for troubleshooting errors that occur during the boot
Which of the following is the correct sequence of actions that takes place during the boot-up process?
1. Activate BIOS – Perform POST- Load operating system – Check configuration settings
2. Activate BIOS – Check configuration settings – Perform POST – Load operating system
Activate BIOS – Perform POST- Load operating system – Check configuration settings
The process of optimizing RAM storage by borrowing hard drive space is called ____________.
virtual memory**
command-driven PC operating system
system for managing and organizing files on disk

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