Chen Ch 15

cross selling
Quick & Reilly, a financial services company, was able to increase sales by 35 percent by implementing which of the following programs?
a source of important information and an opportunity to prove the firm’s commitment to service
Customer complaints are information that should be viewed as:
decide what action must be taken to remedy the problem
When dealing with customer complaints, the salesperson should:
determine if the customer is satisfied with the purchase
The purpose of the follow-up communication between customer and salesperson is to express thanks for the order and to:
two-way communication is involved
The major advantage of a telephone call over written correspondence is that:
moment of magic
Bradley Wholesale Foods purchased a new computer system for the personnel department. All of the equipment was delivered on time, installed properly, and the employees at Bradley were given effective systems training. The new equipment and the post-sale service surpassed the customer’s expectations. The staff at Bradley Wholesale Foods has experienced a(n):
“auxiliary” salespeople
A group of people who recommend customer-driven organizations to others could be called:
Customer knowledge is viewed by sales and sales support personnel as an important key to improving customer service.
Which of the following is a current development in customer service?
They can be a source of information that is difficult to obtain by other means.
Customer complaints can provide the firm with great value. How?
moment of misery
Sometimes customer expectations aren’t met. When this happens it is referred to as a:
buy the expectations of the benefits you promised
According to Ted Levitt, author of The Marketing Imagination, people:
suggestion selling
Expansion selling encompasses which of the following?
Don’t make suggestions until you have first satisfied the customer’s primary need
Which of the following is a major guideline that should be considered when using suggestion selling?
call report
A form that serves a communications link with persons who can assist with customer service is called a:
make sure all the information on the card is current
All of the following are tips to keep in mind when designing and using the business card, EXCEPT:
Once the customer buys your product, expectations:
Of the customers that leave companies each year, which percentage leave because of bad customer service?
Diligence, an essential service behavior, combines responsiveness and:
the moment of magic
According to sales trainer Tony Alessandra, there are three possible service outcomes
Offer training in the use or care of the product.
Salespeople should do which of the following when product is delivered to customers?
getting credit for the value you create for the customer
Value reinforcement means:
sending email confirmations of appointments or agreements
A best practice by which salespeople can use technology to strengthen relationships with customers is by:
the customer may place repeat orders during a phone call
One important reason for salespeople to make follow-up telephone calls to customers is:
suggestion selling
Full-line selling is also known as:
the salesperson and customer have an established relationship
Cross-selling is most effective in those situations in which:
The effort to sell better-quality products is called:
making the purchase convenient
Salespeople can add value to the sales process by:
one that delights the customer
The best action to take to resolve a customer complaint is:
potential customers
An unhappy customer is most likely to complain to:
an opportunity to strengthen the relationship
Complaints from a customer should be viewed as:
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