Chapters 5-8

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Which of the following statements about communication technology and information flow in today’s workplace is most accurate?
More data are stored on and accessed from remote networks than ever before.

What communication channel is recommended for conveying sensitive company information about discipline, promotions, or performance reviews?
Face-to-face meeting

Which of the following subject lines is most effective?
Conference Call Rescheduled for May 1 at 1 p.m.

Which of the following statements about the beginning of an e-mail message or memo is most accurate?
In most routine messages, the main idea should be revealed immediately

When formatting an e-mail message,
type your name at the bottom of the message.

Which of the following statements about memo formatting is accurate?
Memos use the same guide words of Date, To, From, and Subject as e-mails.

Which of the following is the best advice for using e-mail?
Proofread e-mail messages as carefully as you would any other type of business document.

Using the “top-of-screen” e-mail test means
conveying your purpose in the subject line and first paragraph.

What is the best advice to follow when responding to an e-mail message?
Avoid writing a response when you are angry.

Which of the following statements about instant messaging and texting is accurate?
Some organizations forbid employees to use instant messaging and texting.

Which of the following is the best advice for using instant messaging or texting on the job?
Use proper grammar and spelling, and proofread your messages.

Online journals used by companies to communicate internally with employees and externally with customers are called

News professionals, educators, and corporate trainers create digital audio or video files; receivers then download the files to a computer or a smartphone to view or hear the file contents. What are these digital audio or video files called?

Which of the following statements best describes the use of social networks by businesses today?
Companies struggle with finding the right balance between permitting access to the Web and protecting security and ensuring productivity.

Travis has asked you for some advice regarding the use of social networking in the workplace. What advice will you give?
Establish boundaries, and don’t share information online that you wouldn’t share openly in the office.

Extensive mobile communication and cloud computing are two recent technological trends in businesses today.

E-mails and memos are written to inform employees, request data, give responses, confirm decisions, and provide directions

I am writing this message to let you know about our next department meeting would be an effective opening to an e-mail message.

The textbook recommends beginning e-mail messages with a greeting

Employers can legally monitor employees’ e-mail.

Once an e-mail message has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

Benefits of instant messaging in the workplace include speed, cost savings, and presence functionality.

To create an effective and safe blog, you should avoid blogrolling.

The terms social networking and social bookmarking both refer to an online service used to connect users with related interests.

Many recruiters use social networking sites to recruit employees.

You should write a business letter when
you want your message to convey a sense of formality and importance.

Many business writers use the block letter style to format their letters. When using the block style,
use unjustified right margins although the line endings will be ragged.

The most emphatic positions in a business letter are the
opening and closing paragraphs.

You need to ask your reader five questions in a routine information request letter. What is the best way to present these questions?
In a bulleted or numbered list in the body of your letter

The closing of a message that requests information or action should
tell the reader what is to be done.

When responding favorably to an information request, where should you reference the customer’s previous correspondence?
In a subject line

The purpose of instruction messages is to
clearly explain how to complete a task

Which of the following sentences is not a parallel step in this set of instructions?
Salary expectations should be explained in the space provided in Section 4.

When you must write a letter to identify or correct a wrong, the letter is called a(n)
claim letter.

Nick is drafting a letter about substandard service he received during the installation of his wireless network. What should Nick put in his opening?
A clear description of the desired action

When writing an adjustment letter, you have three goals: to rectify the wrong, to regain customer confidence, and
to promote future business and goodwill.

Which of the following is the most appropriate opening for an adjustment letter granting a claim?
Enclosed is authorization for you to take your new smartphone to your local dealer for repair.

What is the best advice for writing goodwill messages?
Send a goodwill message promptly.

What should you do when writing a goodwill message?
Personalize your message by mentioning specific incidents or characteristics of the receiver.

Which of the following would be the most effective opening for a thank-you note?
Thanks, Melissa, for covering the phones for me yesterday while I attended my daughter’s parent-teacher conference.

Memos are the preferred channel of communication to deliver messages outside an organization.

Most of the workplace messages you write will probably deal with routine information.

This letter is to inform you that we received your letter of May 9 asking for information about our banquet facilities for your June 30 sales meeting is an effective opening sentence for an information response letter?

Like request and response letters, instruction messages follow a straightforward, direct approach.

To improve the clarity of instructions, vertically number or bullet each step and use action verbs.

If you have a legitimate claim and expect a positive response from the company, begin by telling the reader immediately what the problem is or what action you would like taken.

Claims made by telephone or e-mail message are just as effective as claims made in writing.

Most businesses make favorable adjustments to legitimate claims.

To show empathy to your reader in an adjustment letter, include such words as trouble, regret, misunderstanding, fault, or error.

Goodwill messages should be selfless, specific, sincere, spontaneous, and short.

The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can generally be reduced if the receiver knows the reasons for the rejection, feels that the news was revealed sensitively, and
believes that the matter was treated fairly and seriously

When communicating bad news, you should strive to project a positive image, maintain friendly relations, be fair, convey empathy and sensitivity, and
explain your message clearly.

In which of the following situations would it be appropriate to use the direct strategy to communicate bad news?
When the receiver may overlook the bad news

Which of these patterns follows the suggested order of ideas in bad-news messages using the indirect strategy?
Buffer, reasons, bad news, and goodwill closing

An effective buffer in a bad-news message
provides a neutral but meaningful statement that encourages the receiver to continue

The ability to understand and enter into the feelings of another is called

Which of the following techniques would be most effective for de-emphasizing bad news?
Placing the bad news in a subordinate clause

Which of the following uses passive voice to present the bad news?
Although the network administrator position has been filled, we wish you well in your job search.

Smart business communicators know that dealing with disappointed customers should be done immediately and personally. However, written correspondence may be appropriate
when personal contact is impossible.

You can soften the impact of bad news in refusing a customer’s request or claim by
implying the refusal.

Which of the following would best refuse a customer’s claim?
Although a full refund cannot be issued, we would be happy to repair your iPad for a nominal fee.

When denying credit to customers, you have specific goals that include retaining customers on a cash basis, avoiding language that causes hard feelings, and
avoiding disclosures that could cause a lawsuit.

Which of the following is the best advice when delivering bad news personally?
Prepare your comments prior to delivering the bad news.

You must decline an employee’s request to telecommute three days per week. Which of the following is the best explanation for the refusal?
Your daily presence in the office is important to ensure regular customer contact

The primary difference between ethical and unethical communicators is that unethical communicators
intend to deceive

One primary goal when delivering bad news is to maintain a positive image of you and your organization.

Because one of your goals in revealing bad news is to help the receiver understand and accept the bad news, you should deliver all bad news using the direct strategy.

Using the following statement in presenting the reasons for the bad news could help the receiver to accept the message: Although we would like to consider installing the heating system you have offered, we are seeking a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly unit.

Company policy prohibits us from displaying your political campaign posters is an example of an effective explanation for bad news.

Because we appreciate your continued loyalty, we have enclosed a coupon for half off your next dinner for two with us is an effective closing statement for a bad-news letter.

When refusing requests or claims using the indirect strategy, reveal the bad news before presenting the reasons for the refusal

When something happens that is disappointing to customers, such as late deliveries, product failures, deficient service, or improper charges, business professionals should begin the damage control process by writing a letter.

One goal when writing a letter that refuses customer credit is to retain the customer on a cash basis.

Smart organizations involved in a crisis prefer to communicate the news openly to employees, customers, and stockholders.

The key to ethical communication lies in the motives of the sender.

Persuasion is necessary when you must prepare before you can present your ideas effectively or when
. you anticipate resistance.

The writing plan for a persuasive request includes an opening that gets the reader’s attention, a body that builds interest and reduces resistance, and a closing that
. makes a specific request and motivates action.

To overcome resistance to a request, you should
. lay a logical foundation before you make the request.

You need to persuade a busy executive to speak before your trade group. Which of the following examples illustrates an indirect benefit to the executive?
You will be performing a service to the profession.

When should you use the indirect strategy in writing a claim letter?
When a past claim has been refused or ignored

What is the best advice when composing a persuasive claim letter?
Address your complaint to a specific person.

Which of the following situations would most likely require persuasion within an organization?
Asking employees to change their working hours to meet new customer demands

You have decided to ask your supervisor to authorize the purchase of new smartphones for your sales staff. The most important item for you to include in your request is
clear documentation, including facts, figures, and evidence, that prove how the smartphones will increase productivity.

Professional marketers and salespeople follow the AIDA strategy in their sales letters because it is effective. What does AIDA represent?
. Attention, interest, desire, and action

Which of the following represents a rational appeal
. For a limited time, you can get employee pricing on any new Ford Motor Company vehicle

Which of the following illustrates a testimonial?
Here’s what a new user has to say: “The Blackberry Storm surpasses all other smartphones on the market.”

Which statement about online sales messages is most accurate?
Online sales messages offer a richer experience than hard-copy sales letters because readers can click hyperlinks at will to access content that interests them

When creating e-mail sales messages, what advice should you follow?
Include a statement that tells readers how to be removed from your mailing database.

Which of the following statements about the use of Facebook and other social networking sites by businesses is most accurate?
Media-savvy businesses can positively affect their customers’ beliefs and counter negative perceptions using social media sites

What is an important purpose of a company blog?
To host useful two-way dialogue for organizations and their stakeholders

Only people who expect to become managers and executives should learn to use persuasive techniques.

Persuasive requests are generally more effective when they are organized using the direct strategy.

The body of a persuasive request should be used to reduce resistance

When writing a persuasive claim letter, be sure to enclose copies of relevant documentation.

Instructions or directives moving downward from superiors to subordinates usually require significant persuasion.

Traditional hard-copy sales letters are still one of the most personal and powerful forms of advertising.

Adding a postscript to a sales letter is considered to be unprofessional and amateurish.

When selling by e-mail, you will be most successful if you send your sales message to anyone who has an e-mail address.

Effective e-mail sales messages should focus on at least three or four central selling points.

Savvy businesses are using Facebook, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, and podcasts as marketing tools

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