Chapters 15-18 Test

Direct Marketing
Making direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships
Which of the Following Statements is true?
Nearly every socioeconomic group as adopted the Web
Buying or selling process that is supported by electronic means is known as:
Data Warehouse
A central repository of an organization’s customer information is knows as:
Interchanges of ideas in forums and Internet news groups are functions of
Corporate Website
The most basic type of website is the:
Which of the following is NOT a form of direct marketing?
Marketing Website
Which of the following is a reason that direct marketing has grown?
Precision Targeting
When dealing with issues of Internet Privacy, the group we haev to be the most concerned about is:
The children
The most powerful approach to integrated direct marketing is:
Multiple-vehicle, multiple-stage
In periods of low demand, companies can use direct marketing to target _______ customers and produce quick results
Which of the following is NOT a way to measure direct marketing efforts?
Internal Promotion
The sequence of integrated direct marketing technique is:
Paid ad with a response channel> Direct mail mechanism> Outbound telemarketing> Face to face sales cales
Effective marketing begins with a good
Customer Database
Casino operator Harrah’s Entertainment has build a customer database containing _______ of customer information
30 terabytes
A _____ stores the information that the company receives in a central repository of customer data
Data Warehouse
Data mining is NOT used to determine which of the following?
The occupancy and ADR if a hotel
To effectively use data mining and to be useful, the data stored in a database must be _____
Do not call legistlation has ____ the telemarketing industry
The popular press has paid the most attention to ____ online marketing
Business to Consumer (B2C)
The internet now influences ___ percent of total retail sales
The second largest advertising media isL
The largest advertising media is
OnQ is a technology platform developed by ____ to manage info on guests across all its brands
Online______ is perhaps the number one e-commerce concern
Which of the following would be considered a macrodestination
The United States
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of tourism
Decline in population
The fact that tourism dollars are recycled throughout the local economy, being spent and re spent, is referred to as
The multiplier effect
All of the following are tourist classifications except:
Psychological Travelers
Which of the following destinations would allocentrics most likely visit?
Mexican Rain Forest
All but which of the following are a part of the event planning decision framework?
Is the event a macro or micro event
Which of the following is not a responsibility of the National Tourism Organization?
Infrastructure development
The travel segment where people have the least influence over their travel experience once it begins is the
group mass tourist
Psychocentrics are best described as
people who do not desire change when they travel
The two major strategies used by tourist destinations to attract visitors are
Events and attractions
“A stay of one or more nights away from home for holidays, visitors to friends or relatives, business conferences or any other purpose except such things as boarding education or semi-permanent employment” is the British Tourist Authority’s definition of
The top three tourism destinations in the world are
France, United States, and Spain
The benefit of tourism where tourist expenditures are recycled through the local economy is called
Multiplier effect
The Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA) had developed a comprehensive Four-Phase Disaster Planning Model built on:
___ and attractions are the two primary strategies used by tourist destinations to attract visitors
In centrally planned economies, ______ control, plan, and direct tourist development
Which of the following is not a psychological determinant of travel demand?
Self-discovery is one of the _____ determinants of travel demand
In April 2001, ___ became the first space tourist when he flew on the Soyuz taxi mission to the International Space Station.
Dennis Tito
As a result of the Russian’s willingness to allow space tourists on their missions, there is now a travel agency, _____ specializing in space tourism
Space Adventures
NASA is preparing for moon tourism, including developing plans to prevent looting of the six ares where manned space missions landed on the moon between 1969 and 1972. Under its guidelines people can only walk within __ feet of the site where Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon
A North Sea Trail, funded by the European Union with nearly $15 million, is being developed in Europe that crosses __ countries and extends for three thousand miles
____ is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative segments of tourism
Medical Tourism
A trip where travel agents or other who can send business to a tourist destination attraction, cruise, or hotel are invited to visit at a low cost or no cost is called:
Fam Trip
Persons who do not desire change when they travel and who like to visit non threatening places and stay in familiar surroundings are called
A marketing plan is a stand-alone tool
Social, political, and economic factors that affect a firm and its marketing program are called:
Environmental Factors
A short summary of the marketing plan to quickly inform top executives is called an
Executive Summary
Quantitative and time specific accomplishment measurements as to what is expected of marketing are
Quantitative and time specific accomplishment measurements as to what is expected of a sales force are called
______ serves as a roadmap for all marketing activities of the firm
Marketing Plan
An executive summary should be effectively able to address
Top Management
Which of the following does not form part of corporate direction?
Marketing Plan
Which of the following does not comprise environmental factors?
The process of examining various submarkets and selecting those most appropriate for a company is called:
Segmentation Analysis
It is essential to go through the thought process of examining market potential
Because of their importance, estimates of market potential are rarely ignored by those who write marketing plans
Marketing strategies are designed to help achieve marketing objectives
A competitive analysis dealing solely with physical characteristics of a competitor can miss major competitive advantages and disadvantages
The maintenance department is an example of a hotel department that remains unaffected by changes in a marketing plan
What is good for an advertising agency may not be good for the client
If an advertising agency is being used, it should be given sole control of the advertising component of the marketing plan
Fencing refers to the placing limits on the marketing plan budget
When developing a market plan, marketers need only look at internal data sources for information
Which of the following is NOT an environmental factor on hospitality organizations?
Generally, the first selection of a formal, written marketing plan would be the:
Executive Summary
Which is an example of a good objective?
“Have an occupancy of 79 percent next year”
A two-to four- page document written for top management is called the
Executive Summary
Useful marketing trend information includes related industry trends, competitive trends, and
Visitor Trends
Growing key accounts is an example of a
Sales Strategy
The heart of any marketing plan is careful analysis of ____ and the selection or appropriate target markets
Available market segments
The ____ is essentially a projected profit-and-loss statement
Sales objectives must be established for each sales area, division, region, salesperson, and
Time Period
Which of the following statements is true?
It is important for sales manager to monitor actual sales force expenditures against budgets on a regular basis
A new marketing plan must be written every
____ is the total available demand of a hospitality product within a particular geographic market at a given price
Market Potential
Market potential estimates should be shown as demand estimates at various
Price Points
MSPA stands for
Market Segment Profitability Analysis
An analysis of the primary strengths and weaknesses, objectives, strategies, and other information relative to competitors is called
Competitive analysis
Salespeople write up their completed activities on
Call Reports
When a salesperson calls on a customer simply to build goodwill, he or she is playing the part of a
Standards stating the amount that a salesperson should sell are called
Sales Quotas
Which of the following is not an activity or task that a sales representative performs for the company?
The first step in the personal selling process is
If one sales team concentrates on the association business while another team concentrates on the corporate market, a ______ sales force is being used
Members of a sales force need three types of training: product/serve; policies, procedures and planning; and ______
Sales technique
When a salesperson provides personal favors like free lunches to customers, the salesperson is practicing the strategy of
Which of the following is NOT an influence strategy used by salespeople DURING presentations?
Sales representatives deciding how to allocate their scarce time among prospects and customers is known as:
When sales representatives find and cultivate new customers, it is called
The two common approaches used to determine appropriate competitive set or cluster for a hotel are
ADR and Product Type
Which of the following is not a good measure of sales volume within the hospitality industry?
______ responsibility increases the sales representative’s incentive to cultivate local business and personal ties
Which of the following is not a way to structure a sales organization? _____ based
Employee based
A form of marketing whereby marketers and webmasters use a range of techniques to ensure that their webpage appears in a favorable location in search engine results pages is called
Search Engine Marketing
Which of the following is NOT a good way to develop prospects?
Getting a competitor’s database
The _____ department should be trained to make inquiries of guests representing companies to find out if more business exists from those companies
Which of the following is not an example of a hotel customer’s negotiation strengths?
Stay high-occupancy nights
A basic mode of motivating sales representatives is:
Which of the following is not a way to improve trade show effectiveness?
Avoiding recording any visitor contacts due to privacy considerations
Which of the following is not a key indicator of sales performance?
OTA reservation percentage
When sales representatives decide how to allocate their scarce time among prospects and customers, it is
When the salesperson is not expected or permitted to take an order but is called only to build goodwill or to educate the actual or potential user, the salesperson is called a:
Which of the following is not part of the inside sales force?
Sales agents

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