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All of the following are morale boosters except

Studies conducted by Taylor and the Gilbreths led to the application of scientific principles to management.

The birth of the study of human relations can be traced to
Maslow’s Hierarchy.
Herzberg’s Factors.
McGregor’s Theories.
*time and motion studies conducted by Taylor and the Gilbreths.
the Hawthorne studies.

Theories X and Y are most closely associated with
Frederick Herzberg.
William Ouchi.
Elton Mayo.
Abraham Maslow.
*Douglas McGregor.

Early management theorists thought money was employees’ primary motivation.

According to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, all of the following represent hygiene factors except
job security.
fair company policies.
comfortable working conditions.
adequate wages.

The person primarily associated with the Hawthorne Studies was
Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Abraham Maslow.
B.F. Skinner.
*Elton Mayo.
Douglas McGregor.

The Hawthorne Studies were important because they
*introduced the idea that social and psychological factors affect productivity and morale.
showed that workers should control the workplace.
presented important botanical data.
dealt with self-actualization needs.
used fear as a motivator.

While trying to determine the effects of lighting and noise on workers’ productivity, which of the following found that social and psychological factors could significantly affect productivity?
Frederick Taylor
Abraham Maslow
Victor Vroom
*Elton Mayo
B.F. Skinner

Allowing one employee to work in a position from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and another employee to work in the same position from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. is called
*job sharing.
flextime sharing.
employment sharing.
work sharing.
position sharing.

Job analysis is a systematic procedure to determine the relative worth of various jobs.

Because a strike has partly shut down a company’s operations, management closes down the rest of the plant so that none of the employees can go to work; this is
an injunction.
*a lockout.
a boycott.

To avoid legal problems, before firing an employee, companies should ensure that
they have been unfair.
the employee is a member of a minority.
the employee did good work.
they have given the person 60 days’ notice.
*they have documented all problems and warnings in the employee’s work records.

All of the following would be examples of objective assessments of an employee’s performance appraisal except
a factory worker’s level of output.
number of units sold for a salesperson.
*a ranking system for an office worker.
shooting percentage for a basketball player.
batting average for a baseball player.

The general manager at a Target store is probably paid by
time wages.
piece wages.

The document that contains an overview of a job’s title, tasks, relationships with other jobs, physical and mental skills required, duties and responsibilities is referred to as a job

An interview is
all of the above.
*a chance to exchange information with the candidate.
the best way to gather verifiable data about a candidate.
when the interviewer should talk a lot.
always a source of true information from the potential candidate.

Employees who are dissatisfied with their working conditions or compensation have to negotiate with a labor union to bring about change.

Companies often determine the compensation for a specific job by
throwing darts at a board.
asking the employee how much he or she wants.
guessing what would be best.
conducting a job evaluation.
*conducting a wage/salary survey.

Picketing is a public protest against management practices.

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