Chapter 8 – Reviewing The Basics – Installing Windows

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
? – Page 328 : 20 GB
How much free space on the hard drive is required to install a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1
? – 1) Windows virtual pc 2) Microsoft Hyper-V 3) Oracle virtual box
What are three free applications mentioned in the chapter that can be used to create virtual machines ?
Can’t perform an in-place upgrade
When upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1, can you perform an in-place upgrade ?
To use UEFI secure boot, partitioning system must be GPT, and Windows architecture must be 64 bit.
Which Windows architecture is required to enable the UEFI Secure Boot ? Which partitioning system ?
Which file system is used on the volume where Windows is installed ?
When trying to install Windows in UEFI mode on a hard drive that is using the MBR parititioning system, which command can you used to get a special prompt in a command prompt window were you can then remove the partitioning system and convert the drive to GPT ?
MBR partitioning system requires legacy BIOS, and can support only three primary partitions, and one extended partition.
What is the minimum number of partitions that the MBR partitioning system can support ?
Which partitioning method must you use for a 4-TB hard drive ?
? – Page 341 : Antivirus/malware still residing on hard disk. Hard drive is not formatted.
If you suspect a computer is infected with a virus, why is it not a good idea to perform an upgrade installation of Windows rather than a clean install ?
? – Using boot loader menu, and then select Windows 7 OS
After setting up a dual-boot installation with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, how do you boot the system into Windows 7 ?
? – Windows easy transfer / USMT
What Windows 8 tool can you used to migrate user data and settings from a Windows 7 installation on one computer to the new Windows 8 installation on a different computer ?
Page 366 : Device Manager (its program file is named devmgmt.msc)
What is the primary Windows tool for managing hardware devices ?
? – Page 371 : Program and features window; Start screen (or) Apps screen
What window is used to uninstall a program in Windows 8 ? What Windows 8 screen is used to uninstall an app ?
NX, PAE, and SSE2
What three processor technologies are required to install Windows 8 ?
So the move was intended to not allow Windows 8 to be installed on a system that was older than 10 years
Why does Microsoft require these three processor technologies, even though they are currently available on all processors sold today ?
? – Page 328 : Using Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant
How can you find out if a system qualifies for a Windows 8.1 upgrade ?
System window
Which window on the Windows 8 desktop can you use to find out if the Windows installation has been activated ?
For Windows 7, Product key is required near the end of the installation
Are you required to enter the product key during the Windows 7 installation ?
Answer file
Using an unattended installation of windows, what is the name of the file that holds the responses a technician would normally give during the installation ?
Scanstate, loadstate, usmtutils commands. (Page 376)
What are the three commands used by the User State Migration Tool ?
? – USMT works only when computer is a member of a Windows domain
To use the User State Migration Tool, how must a computer connect to the network ?
? – PXE is contained in UEFI (or) BIOS code on the motherboard.
Where is the PXE programming code stored that is used to boot a computer when it is searching for an OS on the network ?

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