Chapter 7 Review

1. List four major functions of an OS.
It manages hardware, runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files.
2. Which app do you use on the Windows 8 Start screen to install new apps?
The Windows Store app
3. What might happen to the Windows system if too many services are running as indicated by multiple icons in the notification area of the taskbar?
The system might slow down and not perform well.
4. What part of a file name does Windows use to know which application to open to manage the file?
The file extension
5. What is the program filename and extension of File Explorer?
6. When you use File Explorer or Windows Explorer to delete a file from the hard drive, where does Windows put the file?
In the Recycle Bin
7. Which keys do you press to open the Windows 8 Quick Launch menu?
8. What file extension is used to name a compressed folder?
9. What is the program name for the System Information utility?
10. By default, when does Windows hide file extensions in File Explorer?
When it knows which application is associated with the file extension
11. Which Windows 7 window can be used to get a report of the history of problems on a computer?
The Action Center
12. What are the two basic Windows 8 settings for network security?
Public and Private
13. List three types of user accounts available in Windows 8.
Administrator account, standard user account, and child account
14. Which Windows 8 charm can you use to set up a new user account?
The Settings charm
15. When does a user need to enter a password into the UAC box in order to continue?
When the user is signed in as a standard user
Suppose you have purchased and installed apps from the Windows Store on your Windows 8 home computer using your Microsoft account. At work, you connect your Microsoft account to your network ID to sign in to your work computer. Will the apps installed on your home computer now be installed on your work computer?
Yes, because apps purchased with your Microsoft account are installed on up to five computers you sign in to using this account
A user clicks the OneDrive app on the Windows 8 Start screen and Windows requests her Microsoft account and password. Which of the following statements are true?
The user did not sign into Windows using a Microsoft account
What two Windows tools can you use to know how much RAM is installed on your system?
System window, system properties window, system information window
Mary wants her 32-bit installation of Windows 7 Professional to run faster, She has 4 GB of memory installed on the motherboard. She decides more memory will help. She installs an additional 2GB of memory for a total of 6 GB, but does not see any performance improvement. What is the problem and what should you tell Mary?
A 32-bit OS cannot use more than 4-GB of memory. Explain to Mary the problem and discuss with her possible solutions
Jack needs to email two documents to a friend but the files are so large his email server bounced them back as undelivered. What is your advice?
Tell Jack to put each document in a different compressed folder and email each folder separately
Chapter Summary
Interfaces An operating system manages hardware; runs applications; provides an interface for users; and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files.
Windows 8 offers two GUIs: the modern interface and the Windows 8 desktop. The Windows 7/Vista desktop offers the Aero user interface.
Ways to launch a program from the Windows 8 desktop include using the Start screen, the Quick Launch menu, an icon pinned to the taskbar, File Explorer, a shortcut on the desktop, and the Run option on the Quick Launch menu.
Ways to launch a program from the Windows 7 desktop include using the Start menu, the Search box, an icon pinned to the taskbar, Windows Explorer, or a shortcut on the desktop.
Tools for Users and Technicians Windows 8 File Explorer and Windows 7 Windows Explorer are used to manage files and folders on storage devices. Folders are organized in a top-down hierarchical structure of subfolders.
The file extension indicates how the file contents are organized and formatted and what program uses the file.
Control Panel gives access to a group of utility programs used to manage the system. Technicians generally prefer the Classic view for Control Panel.
The Folder Options applet in Control Panel changes the way files and folders are displayed in Explorer.
The Power Options applet in Control Panel manages power settings on a computer.
The System window gives a quick overview of the system, including which edition and version of Windows is installed and the amount of installed memory.
The System Information window gives much information about the computer, including hardware, device drivers, the OS, and applications.
The Action Center is a centralized location used to solve problems with security and computer maintenance.
Windows Network Connections Windows 8/7 supports workgroups, homegroups, and domains to manage resources on a private network. Vista supports workgroups and domains.
A network ID and password are used to authenticate to a Windows domain, which gives access to resources on the network.
Windows 8 supports public and private settings for network security, and Windows 7 supports public, home, and work settings for network security.
To connect to a wireless network in Windows 8, use the Settings charm or the Network icon in the taskbar on the desktop. Windows 7 uses the Network icon in the taskbar to connect to a wireless network.
Use the Network and Sharing Center to view information about network connections and solve network problems.
Use the System window to set up a computer to connect to a Windows domain.
Windows User Accounts Windows supports local accounts that are recognized only on the local computer and network IDs that are recognized on a Windows domain.
Two main types of privileges can be assigned to a Windows account: An administrator account has more privileges than a standard account and is required when maintaining and securing a system.
Windows 8 offers a Microsoft account that is authenticated online at the website. The account is assigned a OneDrive, which is storage in the cloud.
Use the Settings charm to manage Windows 8 user accounts. In Windows 7, use the User Accounts applet in Control Panel. For Windows 8/7, the Computer Management console in the Administrative Tools group in Control Panel can be used for advanced management of user accounts.
You can associate a Microsoft account with a local account or network ID on a domain.
The User Account Control box helps prevent malware from installing itself on a system. The UAC box settings are controlled in the User Accounts applet in Control Panel.
A hard drive can only have one single root directory.
The Windows desktop is itself a folder.
In Windows, there are two types of user accounts: an administrator account and a standard account.
The Windows 8 interface is known as the Aero interface.
A service is a program that runs in the foreground and is visible on the taskbar.
What type of software is used to control a computer?
operating system
Which Windows utility program lists errors and issues that need attention?
Action Center
What is the name of the interface that uses graphics as compared to a command-driven interface?
graphical user
What is the name for the 3D user interface provided by Windows 7 and Vista?
What part of the Windows display shows information about open programs and provides quick access to others?
What part of the path to a file indicates how the file is organized or formatted?
file extension
What is another name for the notification area in Windows?
system tray
In Windows 7, a collection of folders can be organized into conveniently accessed shortcuts known by what term?
What GUI element is usually on the right side of the taskbar and displays open services?
system tray
What is another name for several small utility programs that are found in the Control Panel?
What term describes one or more characters following the last period in a filename, such as .exe, .txt, or .avi?
file extension
What dialog box in Windows appears each time a user attempts to perform an action that can be done only with administrative privileges?
User Account Control
Under the Control Panel, what console contains Print Management, Computer Management, and Event Viewer?
Administrative Tools
What software in Windows 8 serves as built-in antivirus software?
Windows Defender
The power saving state that saves all work to the hard drive and powers down the system is known by what term?
What is the maximum amount of memory supported by a 32-bit Windows operating system?
4 GB
Apps that offer continuous real-time updates on the Windows 8 modern interface are referred to by what term?
live tiles
The ability to snap a page to the left or right side of the screen so a second page can share the screen is a function of what feature?
side-by-side apps
What type of network does not have centralized control, such as one in a small office or home office?
peer-to-peer (P2P)
What command can be used to launch the System Information window?
What two terms describe a power saving mode in windows that saves the current running state including open files to memory and then shuts down, while keeping memory powered?
sleep mode; suspend mode
Which of the following file extensions are hidden just after Windows is installed? Choose all that apply.
.txt; .com; .exe
Which of the following are valid types of user accounts in Windows?
administrator; standard
What two methods can be used to access items in the Quick Launch menu?
1/ Right click the Start button, select an item from the Quick Launch menu

2/ Press Win+X on the keyboard to access the Quick Launch menu from anywhere

Which term(s) refer to directories that exist under the root directory?
Select all that apply.
1 – folders
2 – subdirectories
3 – child directories
4 – subfolders can
Can give you a quick look at what hardware and software is installed
System window
A Microsoft online storage service
The initial screen that is displayed when an OS has a GUI interface loaded
Creates a folder with a .zip extension
Compressed folder
Found on the left side of the Windows Explorer or Computer window
Navigation pane
a mini-app that provides information such as the time, date, news headlines, or weather.
Small programs stored on the hard drive that tell the computer how to communicate with a specific hardware device
Device drivers
A directory that is housed inside another a directory
Child directories
A utility that can be used to solve a failed network connection
Network and Sharing center
A tool that lists errors and issues that need attention
Action Center
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