Chapter 7 Review–US History

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old immigrants
immigrants who came to the us before the 1880s; mostly protestants from northwestern europe
poorly built apartment buildings that housed many impoverished city-dwellers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s
elisha otis
developed a mechanized elevator
ellis island
immigration station on the east coast (New York)
invented by Walter Camp; based off of rugby and played by upper class colleges
Edwin Booth
a premier actor of his day
new immigrants
immigrants who came to the US between the 1880s and 1910s; mostly from southern and eastern Europe
Walter Camp
inventor of football
settlement houses
community-service centers that were founded in the late 1800s to offer educational opportunities, skills training, and cultural events to impoverished neighborhoods
typically for wealthy upper class; Shakespeare recreations did very well
residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of a city
immigration testing
physical exams and background checks that decides if the immigrants were allowed to stay in the US
The American Dream
the ideal that every US should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative
invented by James Naismith to entertain difficult students during the winter
Nouveau Riche
\”newly rich\”; new class of American city-dwellers that arose in the late 1800s; most made their fortunes from businesses during the Second Industrial Revolution
style of music created in the 1890s by African American pianists who played a driving rhythm with one hand and an improvised melody with the other
Jane Addams
the forefront of the American settlement-house movement
Angel Island
immigration station on the west coast (San Francisco)
poor accommodations in a ship’s lower level; many immigrants going to the US traveled in this space
immigrant jobs
most worked in construction, mines, and sweatshops; difficult work; long hours; low wages; did the country’s \”dirty work\”
more factories over farms
people who favored native-born american citizens over foreigners
transcontinental rr
rr stretching across the continental us
chinese immigrants
taking most rr jobs; putting many us citizens out of work
chinese exclusion act
law that denied us citizenship to ppl born in china and prohibited immigration of laborers
french for \”light play\”; several short acts combined
john dewey
an education reformer who stressed learning by doing, science, art, and history
large multistory building
immigration restriction league
organization sought to impose a literacy test on all us immigrants
compulsory education laws
law that required parents to send their kids too school
conspicuous consumption
spending money to display one’s wealth
based off of british game rounders; first pro team was the cincinnati red stockings
growth of literacy
literacy rates grew due to public education requirements
leisure time
free time due to the massive growth of the middle class and help of unions
yellow journalism
style of sensational reporting used by newspapers to attract readers
scott joplin
king of ragtime
grover cleveland
us president during the peak of industrialization and immigration
middle class
social class where youre not in poverty or rich
benevolent societies
organizations that helped immigrants in cases of sickness, unemployment, and death
james naismith
inventor of basketball
movement within cities
people started relocating to the suburbs as cities grew

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