Chapter 6 – Space Test Questions

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Managing quality helps build successful strategies of
differentiation, low cost and response
A successful quality strategy begins with
an organizational culture that fosters quality
Which of the following DOES NOT increase profit by improving quality?
higher warranty costs
Which of the following could reduce costs and increase profit?
increased productivity
The American Society for Quality defines quality as
the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs
Which of the following is an award for quality achievement in Japan
Deming Prize
Which of the following costs is NOT a cost of quality
Research and development
Which of the following is NOT an external failure cost
Which of the following is the Japanese term used to describe continuous improvement efforts?
Taguchi’s quality loss function is based on a
quadratic equation
Which of the following is NOT one of the techniques for building employee empowerment?
Eliminate formal organization structures such as teams and quality circles
To develop a standard or benchmark, firms need to start with
determining what to benchmark
Which of the following determinants of service quality means the firm perfumes the service right the first time and that the firm honors its promises
Which of the following determinants of service quality means approachability and ease of contact?
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the importance of the role that an operations manager plays in addressing service quality?
The manager may be able to influence the quality of the service but has little control of the customers expectations
What is training and empowering frontline employees to solve a problem immediately?
service recovery
A device or technique that ensures production of a good unit every time is a
Attribute inspection measures
if the product is good or bad
Inspections should NOT take place
after costly or irreversible processes
One hundred percent inspection
means that every part is checked to see whether or not it is defective
What is the percentage defective in an average lot of goods inspected through acceptance samplong
In acceptance sampling, the producers risk is the risk of having a
good lot rejected
Which is the best statement regarding an operating characteristic curve
As the AQL decreases, the producers risk also decreases
Which type of control chart should be used when it is possible to have more than one mistake per item
Process capability
means that the natural variation of the process must be small enough to produce products that meet the standard
Which of the following measures the proportion of variation 3 sigma between the center of the process and the nearest specification limit
process capability index
What is the ability to respond with little penalty in time, cost, or customer value
Which of the following statements is NOT true?
Adding flexibility to the production process…
Stacked Restaurants lets customers choose ingredient for their sandwiches using
ipad menu
What is a drawing of the movement of material, product or people
What is a flowchart with time added on the horizontal axis
process mapping
Which of the following i NOT a tool for process analysis and design
Pareto chart
Which service strategy describes separating services that may lend themselves to some type of automation
Which of the quadrants in the service process matrix has high labor intensity and high customization
professional service
Which of the quadrants in the service process matrix has a low labor intensity and low customization
service factory
Fast food is an example of
low cust low labor
In many applications, human quality inspectors can be replaced effectively by
vision systems
What is an electronically guided and controlled cart used to move materials
Which is not a production technology that enhances production and productivity
service blueprinting
What is NOT true regarding production technologies
flexible manufacturing systems and computer integration…
Which is not an example of tech impact on finance
Tech impact on wholesale trade industry
bar coded data
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding process redesign
Process redesign is also called process reinvention
What is the fundamental rethinking of business processes to bring about dramatic improvements in performance
process redesign
Low volume high variety production is best suited for which of the following process strategies
process focus
Which of the following approaches may use subcontracting to accommodate excess demand
lagging demand with incremental expansion
Which of the following approaches makes new capacity a larger increase at the beginning of the period
leading demand with a one step expansion
In manufacturing, excess capacity can be used to
do more setups, shorten production runs and drive down inventory costs
The most aggressive and risky approach to capacity planning is
leading demand with onestep expansion
Which of the following is a requirement to be able to compute EMV
the probability of each state of nature is known
What does EMV stand for
Expected Monetary value
Efficiency is given by
Actual output / effective capacity
Difference b/t selling price and variable cost is called
What is a means of determining the discounted value of a series of cash receipts
The body of knowledge about waiting lines is called
queueing theory
What is another name for a waiting line
Which of the following is NOT of the techniques disney does in line?
serves drinks
Which distribution most frequently describes the arrival rate in queueing theory
Customers who___ refuse to join the waiting line because its too long to suit their needs or interests
Which distribution most frequently describes the service time in queueing theory
Negative exponential
Most bank tellers are
multiple server single phase
What are the two most important cost considerations in the queuing problems
cost of providing service and cost of waiting time
As the level of service increases, the cost of waiting time
As the level of service increases the cost of providing service
Which of the following is NOT a type of waiting cost?
adding an additional server
When the assumptions of the MM1 MMS and MD1 and limited population queuing models do not hold true, there are NO other approaches available to us
What is the major difference in focus between a location decision in the service sector vs. the manufacturing sector
The focus in service is on revenue maximization while the focus in manufacturing is on cost minimization
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding location decisions
Once management is committed to a specific location, many costs become reactively easy to reduce
Which of the following is NOT one of the four predictive variables in La Quintas regression model that predicts motel selection and behavior of a site
the number of hotel rooms in the vicinity
Which of the following is NOT identified in the text as one of the eight major determinants of volume and revenue for the service firm?
level of advertising expenditures
Which of the following techniques might a service or retail organization use to make a location decision
traffic counts
A goods producing location decision would likely emphasize the importance of which of the following
utility and labor costs
What is a system that stores and displays information that can be linked to a geographic location
Which of the following is NOT one of the five elements for each city that geographic information systems use to analyze location decision factors
rivers, mountians, lakes forrests,
Which of the following organizations used its geographic information system to create an ideal customer profile of female homeowners with families
Jo-Ann stores
Which of the following organizations used its GIS to create a demographic profile of what a typically successful neighborhood for its location looks like – mostly in terms of income and ages?
Carvel Ice Cream
What term refers to the location of competing companies near each other
Which of the following methods is a mathematical technique used for finding the best location for a single distribution point that services several stores or areas
center of gravity method
The objective of layout strategy is to
develop an effective and efficient layout that will meet the firm’s competitive requirements
Which of the following is NOT true regarding layout decisions
To obtain flexibility in layout, operations managers could keep investments high
Which of the following is NOT one of the three seating sections that McD is creating in restaurants
the family zone
To obtain flexibility in layout, managers may implement all EXCEPT which of the following tactics
place workstations far apart
Which of the following allocates display space and responds to customer behavior
retail layout
Which of the following arranges machinery and equipment to focus on production of a single product or group of related products
work cell layout
Which of the following approaches is also called a job shop?
process oriented layout
In process oriented and fixed position layout, it is important to minimize the costs of
material handling
The A on an office relation ship chart means
absolutely necessary
Workspace can inspire informal and productive encounters if it balances three physical and social aspects
proximity privacy and permission
In companies such as intel, what is the PRIMARY motivation behind the trend of shrinking office space and low cubes
to get people to work more in groups
Which value in an office relationship chart represents Not desirable
Which of the following is NOT helpful for retail layout?
Keep end aisle empty to facilitate traffic flow
The main objective of retail layout is to
maximize profitability per square foot of floor space
Which of the following is an example of ambient conditions
leather chairs at starbucks
Which of the following terms describes the physical surrounding in which service takes place, and how they affect customers and employees
The objective of warehouse layout is to
find the optimum tradeoff between handling costs and costs associated with warehouse space
Cross docking
avoids placing the materials or supplies in storage by processing them as they are revived for shipment
Which of the following is NOT one of the tasks of random stocking systems
Assigning certain items or classes of items to particular warehouse hares o that the total distance traveled is maximized
What process uses warehousing to add value to a product through component modification, repair, labeling and packaging
A fixed position layout
addresses the layout requirements of large, bulky, projects such as ships and buildings
Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons that the techniques for addressing fixed position layout are complicated
The volume of materials needed is constant
Which of the following would not be produced or offered using fixed position layout
a hospital emergency room
What is a successful technique used by companies such as Ingall Ship Building to avoid some of the difficult problems producing items in a fixed position layout
complete as much of the project as possible offsite
Work cells typically have
reduced investment in machinery and equipment
The requirements of work cells do NOT include
a high level of training and a low level of flexibility
Which of the following moves production to a large work cell that remains part of the present facility
focused work center
To provide better access and possibly reduce the number of workers needed, work cells may be designed in the shape of which letter

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