Chapter 3: Models of Abnormality

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This tiny space separates one neuron from the next
the synapse
Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are examples of
This hormone is secreted when stressed by adrenal glands:
This is the oldest and most famous of the modern psychological models
Behavioral model
model of what we can observe. started in labs where psychologists were running experiments on conditioning
operates on pleasure
operates on reality
a person’s ideals and values
Freud’s stages of development
oral, anal, latency, phallic, genital
operant conditioning
The process of learning which behaviors leads to satisfying consequences is likely to be repeated
proposed that cognitive processes are at the center of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions
abnormal functioning
illogical thinking process
Acceptance and commitment
new cognitive therapy that helps patients accept their problematic thoughts
humanistic therapy that uses role playing and self discovery exercises
skillful frustration
a technique that gestalt therapists use by refusing to meet their patients expectations and demands
This type of therapy encourages the client to accept responsibility for their lives and to live with
greater meaning and values
Family systems theorists believe that the _____ patterns of some families actually force individual
members to behave in a way that otherwise seems abnormal
structure and communication
Children who have grown up in families where there was _____ may find it hard to function in a
group or to give or request support
The goal of _____ prevention is to provide effective treatment as soon as needed so moderate or
severe disorders do not become long-term problems
This approach seeks to address the unique issues faced by members of minority groups
culture-sensitive therapies

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