Chapter 26 Medical Practice Marketing and Customer Service

The process involved in creating a unique name and image in the customers mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme
The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service
Something toward which effort is directed; aim, goal, or purpose of action
The process of using marketing and education strategies to reach and involve diverse audiences through the use of key messages and effective programs
The surgical or dental specialty concerned with the design, construction, and fitting of prosthesis which are artificial devices that replace missing parts of the body
Capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value; capable of being precisely identified or realized by the mind
Target Market
A specific group of individuals toward whom the marketing plan is focused
What is a marketing strategy designed to do?
Promote the services offered by the organization and encourage new business.
1.) Assess what has been done in the past
2.) Evaluate what is being done now to increase patient flow
3.) Decide which objectives are important and how meeting these objectives will be measured
4.) Develop a plan with various means of marketing the practice and a specific methodology for implementing each phase
These are the four steps generally followed when preparing to do what?
Implement or change medical marketing strategies
The art of creating and maintaining a brand in the marketplace is called what?
Brand management
They reduce perceived risk
-For status
-People refer more often and more passionately to a brand that they like and trust
-You can build and accelerate your reputation through branding
-You can attract more of the cases you like through branding
-It will give you a competitive advantage
-A branded practice will be worth more than a nonbranded practice
These are the__________
Seven reasons to brand a medical practice
What is the target market?
The group or groups of individuals the office wants to reach
When is an excellent time to brainstorm about reaching target markets?
At staff meetings
What is a good way to solicit patient input?
A suggestion box
If the patient leaves his or her name on the suggestion form, a good customer service tactic is to?
Reward the patient for the suggestion. eg; mail the individual a coupon for a free lunch at a local restaurant or a free car wash at a local detailing shop
Not many years ago, advertising about the physician and his services was considered completely unethical. True or false?
What are the four P’s of marketing, in order?
Product, placement, price, and promotion.
4 P’s; Product
A physician’s office offers medical services as a product.
4 P’s; Placement
Placement involves the actual location of the medical office. Placement can greatly influence the traffic of the facility.
4 P’s; Price
Price is simply the amount of money charged for good services provided.
4 P’s; Promotion
Promotion refers to the methods used to get the product of services of the consumers (or in the case of the medical office, to patients)
What are the steps that a facility might use for marketing strategies, and any other ideas the physician would like to implement? (Think a.r.p.e.e)
Assessment, research, planning, execution, evaluation.
Explain the steps for developing a plan for marketing
Assessment is the phase of planning in which the problem or goals are reviewed. Research allows the physician or office manager to investigate the needs of the target market and then decide what the medical office can do to meet those needs. Planning of the concept follows, and once a firm plan is in place, it is executed. Afterward, the participants evaluate what went well and what problems occurred so that future efforts will be even more successful
Some physicians sponsor ________
Little league football teams, baseball teams, or bowling leagues
Many physicians or staff have charities that they support annually, or they may participate in what?
United Way activities, which distribute funds to many different types of worthy organizations through payroll deductions
___________ are a good way to promote the services offered by the clinic, resulting in name recognition and increasing public visibility
Health fairs
How does advertising and public relations differ?
Advertising involves creating or changing attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions by influencing people with purchased broadcast time, print space,or other forms of written and visual media. Public relations is a similar field but relies more on news broadcasts or reports, magazine or newspaper articles, and radio reports to reach the audience.
Many medical offices use ______ to market the practice and improve customer service. eg; Sending birthday cards or holiday cards out to patients.
Communications tools
What is automated call distribution?
When a computer dials multiple numbers at the same time and plays a recorded message.
What is a good way to increase public knowledge about the facility?
Providing business cards for all employees
Some offices offer _____ for patient referrals from the staff or other patients
Some physicians hold an _____ when the new facility opens
Open house
What is one of the most prevalent fears in the U.S.?
Speaking in public
All public speaking is _____
______ underlies all persuasion
Who wrote “presenting to win: the art of telling your story”
Jerry Weissman
What does Jerry Weissman call persuasion?
“Audience advocacy” by which he means the ability to view the self, a company, a story, or a presentation through the eyes of the audience.
To motivate the audience, the speaker must to the following:
Know the audience, Research the audience to know their needs and what they care about and what they want to know, Link all presentation information to the audience’s needs, Know the purpose of the presentation, and Rehearse the presentation repeatedly
Never being a presentation with a(n) ______
Greeting as many of the guests as possible before the presentation helps develop a _______ and may reduce anxiety
When preparing a presentation, what are some of the questions that should be answered?
Who is the audience? What are the key points? When is the presentation? How long is the presentation?
When designing presentation content, what are some of the things that you should remember?
Use bulleted points consistently. Use white space between bullets. Choose the most readable font. Use hyperlink effectively. Rehearse narration.
One of the most popular and beneficial marketing tools for the physician is a ______
Professional Web site
What are the four basic steps involved in building a Web site for a medical practice?
Define the object of the Web site. Design the pages. Locate a Web server to which the pages can be uploaded. Upload the pages to the server.
Most people will not wait longer than _____ seconds for a web page to load before clicking elsewhere,
Social media is sometimes called?
(CGM) consumer- generated media
-Organized Wisdom
-Peoples MD
-Group Loop
These are just some of?
Social networking sites of interest to medical assistants
The best way to increase the number of patients in a medical office is through?
Word of mouth
Patients expect to be treated according to what?
The golden rule
What are external customers?
Patients, their families and friends, and visitors to the office
What are internal customers?
Employees and staff members of the facility

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