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triggers muscle contractions.
Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that

The two major divisions of the nervous system are the central and the ________ nervous systems.

bushy extension of a neuron that conducts impulses toward the cell body.
A myelin sheath is a(n)

Schizophrenia is most closely linked with excess receptor activity for the neurotransmitter

the brain and the spinal cord.
The central nervous system consists of

Neurons that function within the brain and spinal cord are called

motor neurons.
Information is carried from the central nervous system to the body’s tissues by

sympathetic nervous system.
You come home one night to find a burglar in your house. Your heart starts racing and you begin to perspire. These physical reactions are triggered by the

the extension of a neuron that carries messages away from the cell body.
An axon is

seeing; hearing
The occipital lobes are to ________ as the temporal lobes are to ________.

visual perception.
The surgical removal of a large tumor from Dane’s occipital lobe resulted in extensive loss of brain tissue. Dane is most likely to suffer some loss of

somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.
The two divisions of the peripheral nervous system are the

The part of the brainstem that controls heartbeat and breathing is called the

An undersupply of the major inhibitory neurotransmitter known as ________ is linked to seizures.

Neurotransmitters are released from knob-like terminals at the end of the

receive incoming signals from other neurons.
The function of dendrites is to

junction between a sending neuron and a receiving neuron.
A synapse is a(n)

Motor neurons transmit signals to

limbic system.
The amygdala consists of emotion-linked neural clusters in the

transmits information between the cerebral hemispheres.
The corpus callosum is a wide band of axon fibers that

Which part of the limbic system plays an essential role in the processing of new memories?

myelin sheath.
The speed at which a neural impulse travels is increased when the axon is encased by a(n)

multiple sclerosis.
Degeneration of the myelin sheath results in

Dendrites are branching extensions of

autonomic nervous system.
The part of the peripheral nervous system that controls the glands and the muscles of the internal organs is called the

To demonstrate that brain stimulation can make a rat violently aggressive, a neuroscientist should electrically stimulate the rat’s

The capacity of a brain area to reorganize in response to damage is known as brain

To identify which specific brain areas are most active during a particular mental task, researchers would be most likely to make use of a(n)

José has just played a long, bruising football game but feels little fatigue or discomfort. His lack of pain is most likely caused by the release of

neurotransmitters and depression.
A biological psychologist would be most interested in conducting research on the relationship between

parasympathetic nervous system.
After discovering that the shadows outside his window were only the trees in the yard, Ralph’s blood pressure decreased and his heartbeat slowed. These physical reactions were most directly regulated by his

frontal cortex.
People’s moral judgments are most likely to seem unrestrained by normal emotions if they have suffered damage to their

alter one’s personality.
The classic case of railroad worker Phineas Gage best illustrated that frontal lobe damage can

Alzheimer’s disease is most closely linked to the deterioration of neurons that produce

Which neurotransmitter plays the most direct role in learning and memory?

Which limbic system structure regulates thirst and body temperature?

sympathetic nervous system
Which division of the autonomic nervous system arouses the body and mobilizes its energy in stressful situations?

In addition to coordinating voluntary movement, the ________ enables nonverbal learning and memory.

Auditory stimulation is first processed in the ________ lobes.

cognitive psychology.
The study of the links between physiology activity and psychological events is called

An undersupply of serotonin is most closely linked to

The chemical messengers released into the spatial junctions between neurons are called

Which lobes of the brain receive the input that enables you to feel someone scratching your back?

Endorphins are

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