Chapter 18

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The urban heat island effect is caused by _____?
Heat generating buildings, and dark, heat absorbing surfaces
The ecological footprint of a large city is ____ then/as the surrounding rural area?
Much higher
In developing nations, such as India and Nigeria _____?
Rural people are moving to the cities in large numbers
_____ classifies areas for different types of land use?
What is the light-rail system?
A smaller public rail system powered by electricity
A resource sink is _____?
An area that produces almost none of the things it needs
The greatest general problem with suburbs is _______?
That they spread environmental impact over a larger area
Throughout history, all cities have ________?
Drawn resources from surrounding areas by trade, persuasion or conquest
Around the world, most major cities are situated _____?
Along rivers, oceans, roads or train routes
American cities in the northern US such as Chicago, Illinois, ______?
Have steadily lost population over the past 40 years
The World’s urban populations are ______?
Growing faster than the population as a whole
People who live entirely within an urban environment ______?
May become disconnected from nature and from the true costs of their needs and activities
What does UGB refer to in city planning?
Urban Growth Boundary
People who seek to improve resource sustainability of our cities urge us to ____?
Use renewable energy sources and recycle materials
Sprawl is the spread of ____ urban or suburban development outward from an urban center.
Low density
Two components of sprawl are ______?
Human population growth and per capita land consumption
What type of specialist has the job of advising policy makers on development, transportation, and parks?
Urban planners
Which of the following follows the philosophy of \”building up, not out\”?
Smart growth
Part of a stimulus bill, congress set aside $8 billion in 2009 for _____?
Development of high-speed rail systems
Which of the following is a problem that occurs within cities because of the concentrated use of energy in buildings and vehicles and the large amount of dark paved surfaces that absorb solar energy?
The urban heat island effect
Which of the following consume the bulk of the electricity used in the US?
Non-green buildings

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