Chapter 1: Introduction to the HIM Profession

The primary function of the American Health Information Management Association is to:
Promote the accuracy, confidentiality, and accessibility of health records in every healthcare setting.
The primary goal of the Hospital Standardization Program was:
Raise the standards of surgical practice.
Which of the following activities is not a traditional medical records function?
Data administration.
The only requirements for professional certification through the AHIMA are graduating from an accredited two-year or four-year educational program.
Which of the following entities are at the head of the AHIMA volunteer structure and hold responsibility for managing the property, affairs, and operations of AHIMA?
Board of Directors
The accreditation program of AHIMA is concerned with
Establishing standards for the content of college programs in HIT and HIM
The new opportunity for HIM professionals that deals with data repositories and data warehouses is:
Data resource administrator
The _______makes up a virtual network of AHIMA members who communicate via a web-based program managed by AHIMA.
Communities of Practice
Which of the following accredits academic programs in health information management?
Members of the AHIMA House of Delegates are:
Elected by members in state component organizations
Chapter 2:
Purpose and Function of the Health Record
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