Ch 3 – Space Answers

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Using what Windows 7 utility allows you to create a backup schedule that can include any folder on the hard drive and the system image?
backup and restore
The chkdsk command will not fix anything on the drive unless the drive is unlocked.
What command should you use to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous?
What is Pagefile.sys used for in Windows?
virtual memory
Defragmenting is not recommended for solid-state hard drives.
If a storage pool is configured as if it has more virtual storage than the physical drives actually offer, what feature is being used?
thin provisioning
What is a snapshot of the system settings and configuration called?
restore point
How often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive?
once a week
Windows needs free space on the hard drive for normal operation, for defragmenting the drive, for burning CDs and DVDs, and for a variety of other tasks, so it’s important to delete unneeded files occasionally.
What is another name for a file allocation unit?
What is the fourth partition on a hard drive called?
extended parition
Windows Disk Cleanup is the utility to use whenever you want to defragment your hard drive.
Volumes within an extended partition are known by what term?
logical drivers
On a magnetic drive, what is the most common sector size?
512 bytes
What option, when passed to the shutdown command, will restart the local computer?
Using Windows 7 Backup and Restore, you can back up the volume on which Windows is installed.
How much storage does a dynamic disk require for the disk management database?
Restore points are created at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware by what utility?
system protection
You can use what utility to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks?
disk management
What partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operating system to start up on an MBR partitioned drive?
active parition
What term is used to describe the unused space at the end of the last cluster?
What command creates a subdirectory under a directory?
In order to ensure drive health, what command should you use to search for and repair file system errors?
What type of storage drive contains spinning platters?
magnetic hard disk drivers

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