Case Study: Proposing Education Policy Solutions

A major concern related to higher education’s business model is that colleges and universities cannot or will not control their cost increases. In for-profit industries when productivity goes up, salaries usually go up. This is different in public education.

Based on the excerpt, how is higher education different from for-profit industries?

Salaries in higher education are based on additional factors.

A candidate’s use of “I” statements in an opening statement is an example of
an informal tone.

An example of a rhetorical technique a candidate could use in an opening statement is
then” and “now” statements.

The rapid rise in the cost of higher education shows that the old models of traditional, campus-based instruction must be changed. If elected, I will create a panel of educational experts who will develop a network of virtual institutions: this will cut costs and provide more access to education.

The claim is best described as


What does the graph show about the projected cost at a private four-year college in 2025-26?
It will be almost triple the cost of a public four-year college.

What is the first step in developing a policy solution to address the cost of a college education?
acknowledging the issue

Which are effective elements of an opening statement about the increasing costs of higher education?
use of rhetorical techniques
use of appropriate style
use of persuasive language

The graphic organizer explains how to use the social policy process to
present a solution.

Which step is involved in doing research on the cost of a college education?
evaluating sources

Which is most useful in understanding how the cost of a college education has risen?
data and statistics

The use of data to persuade an audience in an opening statement is known as the ______ technique.
Then vs now

Which best explains why a candidate’s opening statement about rising college costs must keep the audience in mind?
An audience will be quick to dismiss a candidate if the candidate does not address their concerns.

In an opening statement, a candidate could use the “us” and “them” technique to persuasively address

An important part of developing a policy to address the rising cost of college is

Which explains how advances in online education will most likely affect college costs in the future?
Online education will likely reduce costs and provide greater access for different kinds of students.

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