Case and Caseload Management

Case management process
-assess person’s specific needs
-determine if he/she can fulfill needs, or if outside assistance is required
-if outside assistance required, identify specific people or orgs that can provide services
-discuss person’s needs and potentially useful services w/ person
-if person agrees to outside services, refer person to specific people or orgs that provide those services
-once referred, continue to monitor services on regular basis
Case management process: education service
designed to teach skills required to perform a particular task
Case management process: restoration service
designed to help a person regain or improve function
Caseload management
use of procedures, techniques, and resources to make sure all clients receive necessary services and/or care
Caseload management: functions (5)
Consumer initiative levels (5)
-originally designed by William Oncken and Donal L. Wass
-wait-until-told level
-asking level
-recommendation level
-do-it-and-report-immediately level
-do-it-and-report-routinely level
Strategic planning process (5)
-identify goals
-assess abilities, limitations, and environment
-design a strategic plan that outlines specific techniques that counselor can use to achieve goals
-put plan into action
-continue to evaluate and reevaluate plan throughout the process
Functions performed by rehab counselor (4)
dispute resolution method in which people agree to allow an outside person to hear all facts and make a decision
act in which two or more people agree to work together towards a common goal
dispute resolution method in which people involved in a dispute agree to allow an outside person to hear all facts and offer advice
Arbitrators: ad hoc
-chosen by counselor, client, employers, or other people to handle a specific dispute
-may be part of a professional arbitration org, an independent, or any other person who the client, counselor, employers, or other people agree is impartial
Arbitrators: permanent
-regularly works for a particular counselor or firm
-may be a part of a professional arbitration org or an independent
Arbitrators: arbitrator panel
-group of arbitrators that have been chosen by the disputants to handle dispute
-typically consist of three, and usually called arbitral tribunals or tripartite arbitration panels
Mediation process
-counselor, client, employer and other people involved in the dispute choose person they believe is fair and impartial
-mediator establishes format of the mediation process by finding out nature of dispute, disputants, and appropriate time and location for negotiations
-disputants meet, mediator explains format and purpose of meeting, and disputants present sides
-mediator attempts to help each party identify solutions that may create a path towards compromise
people involved in a dispute hold discussions in order to reach a compromise
Constructive confrontation
-originally designed by Guy and Heidi Burgess
-designed to address complicated disputes in which all parties are unwilling to consider alternative solutions
Skills to coordinate professional services
Encouraging effective teamwork
-make sure each person is involved in the process
-confirm that each person is willing to participate in the process
-make sure that each person actually understands role in the team
Teamwork: problems
-negative atmosphere
-lack of cohesion
-lack of purpose
Case management
counselor uses series of procedures, techniques, and resources to make sure that a particular person receives necessary services and/or care
Case management system
computer program designed to help counselor organize all info necessary to serve particular client
Public vocational rehab program (VR)
online database that helps counselor keep track of info that is required to report to the state
Identified patient
-determined by counseling agency
-insurance company will only accept billing for identified patient
Third-party payments
made by outside insurance provider
Referral fee
-payment received by person or party who has sent a client to a counselor
-unethical for counselor to accept this fee
Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
system of coding required by third-party payers
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