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H2CaO2 structure
Molecular Formula H2CaO2
Average mass 74.093 Da
Boiling Point
Flash Point
Molar Refractivity
Surface Tension
Molar Volume
  • Experimental data
  • Predicted – ACD/Labs
  • Predicted – ChemAxon
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
    • Experimental Melting Point:

      580 °C Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
      580 °C Oakwood
      580 °C LabNetwork LN00195605
    • Experimental Boiling Point:

      2850 °C Oakwood
      2850 °C LabNetwork LN00195605
    • Experimental Vapor Pressure:

      0 mmHg (Approximate) NIOSH EW2800000
    • Experimental Gravity:

      2.24 g/mL Alfa Aesar 14662, A12650
      2.24 g/mL Oakwood
      2.24 g/l Fluorochem 492444
    • Experimental Solubility:

      Slightly soluble in water. Soluble in glycerol, acids. Insoluble in alcohol Alfa Aesar 14662
  • Miscellaneous
    • Appearance:

      white powder or colourless, slightly cloudy, aqueous solution Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
      White, odorless powder. [Note: Readily absorbs CO2 from the air to form calcium carbonate.] NIOSH EW2800000
    • Stability:

      Stable. Incompatible with strong acids. Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
    • Toxicity:

      ORL-RAT LD50 7340 mg kg-1, ORL-MUS LD50 7300 mg kg-1 Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
    • Safety:

      26-36/37/39-45-60 Alfa Aesar A12650
      26-36/37/39-60 Alfa Aesar 14662
      34 Alfa Aesar A12650, 14662
      8 Alfa Aesar A12650
      Danger Alfa Aesar A12650
      DANGER: CORROSIVE, burns skin and eyes Alfa Aesar A12650, 14662
      H314 Alfa Aesar A12650
      P260-P303+P361+P353-P305+P351+P338-P301+P330+P331-P405-P501a Alfa Aesar A12650
      Safety glasses. Minimize exposure to dust. Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details
      WARNING: Risk of serious damage to eyes. Alfa Aesar 14662
    • First-Aid:

      Eye: Irrigate immediately Skin: Soap flush immediately Breathing: Respiratory support Swallow: Medical attention immediately NIOSH EW2800000
    • Exposure Routes:

      inhalation, ingestion, skin and/or eye contact NIOSH EW2800000
    • Symptoms:

      Irritation eyes, skin, upper respiratory system; eye, skin burns; skin vesiculation; cough, bronchitis, pneumonitis NIOSH EW2800000
    • Target Organs:

      Eyes, skin, respiratory system NIOSH EW2800000
    • Incompatibility:

      Maleic anhydride, phosphorus, nitroethane, nitromethane, nitroparaffins, nitropropane [Note: Attacks some metals.] NIOSH EW2800000
    • Personal Protection:

      Skin: Prevent skin contact Eyes: Prevent eye contact Wash skin: When contaminated/Daily Remove: When wet or contaminated Change: Daily Provide: Eyewash, Quick drench NIOSH EW2800000
    • Exposure Limits:

      NIOSH REL : TWA 5 mg/m 3 OSHA PEL : TWA 15 mg/m 3 (total) 5 mg/m 3 (resp) NIOSH EW2800000

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Boiling Point:
Vapour Pressure:
Enthalpy of Vaporization:
Flash Point:
Index of Refraction:
Molar Refractivity:
#H bond acceptors:
#H bond donors:
#Freely Rotating Bonds:
#Rule of 5 Violations:
ACD/LogD (pH 5.5):
ACD/BCF (pH 5.5):
ACD/KOC (pH 5.5):
ACD/LogD (pH 7.4):
ACD/BCF (pH 7.4):
ACD/KOC (pH 7.4):
Polar Surface Area:
Surface Tension:
Molar Volume:

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