Biomed Study Guide

Personal Protective Equipment i.e. gloves, face shield, safety glasses and clinical attire
Donning putting on
Doffing taking off

Forensic Science
The application of scientific knowledge to question of civil and criminal law; Rape, testing blood

Experimental Design
A design in which researchers manipulate an independent variable and measure a dependent variable to determine a cause-and-effect relationship;

(label) DNA
A double-stranded, helical nucleic acid molecule capable of replicating and determining the inherited structure of a cell’s proteins. Shaped like a double helix

In an experiment, the standard that is used for comparison

The variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher.

The measurable effect, outcome, or response in which the research is interested.

DNA charge

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Chargaff’s Rule
Adenine binds to Thymine and Cytosine binds to Guanine

DNA Analysis 1.2.3. reread intro
The testing of DNA samples that exists on the evidence collected from a crime scene

Restriction enzymes
Enzyme that cuts DNA at a specific sequence of nucleotides GGCC

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. protect individuals personal info.

Manners of Death
natural, homicide, suicide, accident, undetermined.

Cause of Death
Poisening, delayed causes of injury, foul play, people not in medical presence

Crime Scene Lab
Possibly-The unknown substance=Acetaminophen; Blood= Anna and Alex Garcia’s; Hair= Alex and Erica Piedmont; Fingure print= Erica and Anna; Shoe print= Doug Greene’s

Search Methods; look over paper
Spiral, zone, line, grid, link, wheel or ray.

Fingure prints
Radial loop, Spiral, Whorl, Tented Arch, Plain Arch

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

Gel Electrophoresis
Procedure used to separate and analyze DNA fragments by placing a mixture of DNA fragments at one end of a porous gel and applying an electrical voltage to the gel; heavier is more toward the top

DNA Strands
2 strands of nucleotides twisted together, held in place by hydrogen bonds

DNA , chromosomes, genes relate
genes are in the chromosomes and chromosomes make (are in) DNA

Crime Scene Investigation;
Documents the crime scene in detail and collects any physical evidence

Medical Examiner
A physician who performs an autopsy when death may be accidental or violent. He or she may also serve in some jurisdictions as the coroner; Medical degree; Residency; determines manner of death and cause of death.

Toxicologist what they do.
one who works with law enforcement agencies to ananlyze crime scene evidence; studies the nature and effects of poisons and their treatment;

A person licensed to practice medicine;

**1 sentence in conclusion, multiple in summary
1.2.1 DNA chart label.

**which bond is weakest in the DNA;
hydrogen bonds between the nitrogen bases

**purines AG perimedines CT

dioxirybose, nitrogen bases , sugars

know some steps of autopsies
cut in Y shape- under breast, take pics of body in bag, take any evidence off of body, opens stomach and weighes contents, records all identifying features – eye color-, tools: bone saw,hammer w/hook,scalpel,scissors,breadknife

**body systems systems function
Drug test.

RFLP Restriction enzymes

ME declares a persons death

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