Baroque Art History

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Love Conquers all
Caravaggio; Italian Baroque
Calling of St. Matthew
Caravaggio; Italian Baroque; tenebrist
Conversion of Paul
Caravaggio; Italian Baroque
Supper at Emmaus
Caravaggio; Italian Baroque
Characteristics of Caravaggio
-original tenebrist -extreme jestures -violent -realist -foreshadowing -shallow pictorial space -important elements on edge of painting -unusual vantage points
George La Tour
-depicts actual light source -large areas difficult to read -restrained and solemn -thin edge
St. Sebastian
George La Tour; French Baroque
Mary Magdalem
George La Tour; French Baroque
Artemisia Gentileschi; themes; paintings
Themes: Women in peril and Women Getting revenge on Men
Paintings: Susana and Elders; Judith and Holofernes
Characteristics of Bernini
-great complexity -twisted -emotional -viewed from all sides -greater sense of movement -theatrical -lots of details
Rape of Persephone
Bernini; Italian Baroque
Ecstasy of St. Teresa; location
Bernini; Italian Baroque; Carnaro Chapel
St Peter’s Cathedral; main players; main attractions
Players: 1. Julius II with Bromanti 2. Leo X with Bromanti 3. Paul III with Michelangelo 4. Urban VIII with Bernini
Baldachino-over grave of St. Peter’s; Tomb of Urban VIII
Venus and Adonis; Characteristics
Rubens; Flemish Baroque; -specific ideal for men and women -long diagonals
Marie de Medici Cycle; history
-married to Henry IV and rules for Louis XIII -Commissioned paintings after retired
Garden of Love
Rubens; Flemish Baroque; based on courtship of Elena Forment -puti
Portrait of Susanah Forment
Rubens; Flemish Baroque
Las Meninas; themes
Velazquez; Spanish Baroque
Themes: 1. mirrors and looking
2. relationship in court
The Rokeby Venus
Velazquez; Spanish Baroque
Portrait of Innocent X; Characteristics
Velazquez; Spanish Baroque; – loose brushwork -realistic
Dutch Golden Age Characteristics
-commercial society -1st to have popular government -1st famine resistant society -most advanced farming -more religiously tolerant -creative
Calvanist church paintings
Dutch Golden Age Characteristics
Stilllifes- indicate abundance and momento more
Landscapes- Avenue at Mittehaus: Hobberna; Whitefield: Jacob Ruisdael
Dutch Courtyard
Peter Deputch; Dutch baroque; Genre painting
Shrovestide reveller
Hals; Dutch Baroque
Jonker Ramp and His Sweetheart
Hals; Dutch baroque
Characteristics of Hals
-loose brushwork, not blended together -portrait or genre painting -reference to alcohol -transient facial expressions and gestures -realist
Baba Malle
Hals; Dutch Baroque
The Prodical in the Far Country
Rembrant; Dutch Baroque
Jeremiah Contemplating the Destruction of Jerusalem
-emotional -narrative -layered paint -depiction of aging flesh -tenebrist -rich golden browns -spotlight -realist
Rembrant Characteristics
-physiological pivot -rich golden browns -depiction of aging flesh -few details -simple -biblical narratives -spotlight -realist -self portraits
Three Crosses; type
Rembrant; Dutch Baroque; Etching
View of Amsterdam
-Etching -landscape
Militia Company of Captain Franz Banning Cocque
Rembrant; Dutch Baroque
Rembrant; Dutch Baroque
The Return of the Prodical
Rembrant; Dutch Baroque
View of Delft
Veemer; Dutch Baroque
Allegory of History; Characteristics
Veemer; Dutch Baroque; -naturalistic -camera obscura -clio is being painted
Women weighing Gold Coins
Veemer; Dutch baroque; northern light
Veemer Characteristics
-quiet domestic scenes of people working -light from Northern upper left hand side -naturalistic -fabric leading into painting -interior -detail -beaded light
Girl with the Pearl Earring
Veemer;Dutch Baroque
Italian Comedians
Watteau; Rococo
Departure from Cythea
Watteau; Rococo
Diana at her Bath
Boucher; Rococo; -random fabric -more likely to do nudes -mythological
Madamoiselle O’Murphy
Boucher; Rococo; Louis XV’s mistress
The Happy Hazard of the Swing
Fragonard; -exaggerated foliage -delicate figures
Rococo Characteristics
-extremely elaborate -decorative and pretty -exaggerated foliage -subjects pertaining to pleasure, sensuality, especially gallant -subject fete gallant
St. Pauls; architect
Christopher Wren; black and white; basilican plan -double dome -gothic tower -largest traditional protestant church
St. Martin in the Field
1. Greek Pediment 2. a tower
Characteristics of Hogarth
-modern moral subjects -genre paintings that bring spotlgith to moral issues -social citicism
Marriae a La Mode
Hogarth; British Baroque; with Alderman, Lord Squanderfield; counselor silverton
Beer Street and Gin Lane
Hogarth; British Baroque
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew; innovations
Gainsborough; british baroque; not formal poses -depicted in country landscape -using advanced methods
Oath of Horatio
In Roman Empire with importance of virtue; -stark simplicity -shallow pictorial space -each arch highlights a group
Neo-Classical Characteristics
-serious subjects derived from mythology and current events -highly naturalistic -extremely smooth brushwork -shallow pictorial space -look like reliefs -simple -sharp-edged, clean lines -idealized
Death of Marat
JL David; French Neo-Classical
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
JL David; French Neo-Classical; -idealized -shallow pictorial -naturalistic
Napoleon in his Studio
JL David; French Neo-Classical

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