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________ is a commonly used tool for showing how the parts of a whole are distributed
pie chart

Diagrams that contain enough visual and textual information to function as independent documents are sometimes called ________.
info graphics

The appendix of the report usually includes
additional information or less important details

If you are facing an uninterested audience, you should
find ways to connect your message with their personal or professional interests

The statement of purpose
explains why you are preparing the report and what you plan to deliver

In a report, discussing factors beyond your control that affect report quality is called
stating limitations

A(n) ________ is a brief overview (one page or less) of a report’s most important points

Analyzing the situation for oral presentations involves defining your purpose and
developing an audience profile

When writing a report, the ________ presents, analyzes, and interprets the information you gathered during your investigation of the subject matter

Summarizing is similar to paraphrasing but
it distills content to fewer words

Describe the three-step writing process
The three-step writing process includes planning, writing, and completing business messages. Planning includes analyzing the situation, gathering information, selecting the right medium, and organizing the information. Writing the message includes adapting to your audience and composing your first draft. Completing the business message involves revising, producing, proofreading, and distributing the message.

List and briefly describe three techniques for editing to make a message clearer to the audience
• Break up overly long sentences—don’t connect too many clauses with “and.”
• Rewrite hedging sentences—avoid using “may” or “seems.”
• Impose parallelism—use the same grammatical pattern to express two or more similar ideas.
• Correct dangling modifiers—delete phrases with no connection to the subject of the sentence or those that are placed too closely to the wrong noun or verb.
• Reword long noun sequences—avoid stringing many nouns together as modifiers.
• Replace camouflaged verbs—watch for verbs that have been turned into nouns.
• Clarify sentence structure—keep the subject and predicate of a sentence as close together as possible.
• Clarify awkward references—avoid words and phrases that cause readers to jump from point to point.
• Moderate your enthusiasm—don’t overuse adjectives and adverbs to sound falsely positive

“There have been many storms this year, and the agricultural yield has been poor.” Which type of sentence is this?
A compound sentence has two main clauses that express two or more independent but related thoughts of equal importance, usually joined by and, but, or or.

A sentence that has one independent and one dependent clause is known as a ________ sentence.
A complex sentence expresses one main thought (the independent clause) and one or more subordinate thoughts (dependent clauses) related to it, often separated by a comma.

A sentence that has only a single subject and a single predicate is called a ________ sentence
A simple sentence has one main clause (a single subject and a single predicate).

An example of a specific purpose for a business message would be to ________.
The general purpose of a business message can be to inform, persuade, collaborate or initiate a conversation. Within the scope of that general purpose, each message also has a specific purpose, which identifies what you hope to accomplish with your message.

The three-step writing process consists of
planning, writing, and completing messages. To plan any message, the writer must first analyze the situation, gather information, select the right medium, and organize the information.

In the indirect approach to drafting a message
the main idea usually appears towards the end of the message

In which of the following cases would a numbered list be the most effective way of organizing information
steps in process. Lists simplify complex subjects, highlight the main point, enable skimming, and give readers a breather. When creating a list, bullets are generally preferred over numbers, unless the list is in some logical sequence or ranking, or specific list items will be referred to later on.

Most business messages today aim for a(n) ________ tone

Select the sentence that is bias-free.
All sales representatives and their guests are invited to the reception

Select the sentence with the best “you” attitude
Adopting the “you” attitude means speaking and writing in terms of the audience’s wishes, interests, hopes, and preferences.

Select the sentence with the best positive emphasis
Sensitive communicators understand the difference between delivering negative news and being negative. They never try to hide the negative news, but look for positive points that will foster a good relationship with the audience.

is the process of generating as many ideas and questions possible, without stopping to criticize or organize. From these, patterns and connections can be found to help identify the main idea and the groups of supporting ideas.

The first stage of the writing process includes
selecting the right medium

The direct approach of presenting information is best when
the audience is likely to be receptive to the message

When you know your audience will be receptive to your message, use the direct approach: Start with the main idea (such as a recommendation, conclusion, or request) and follow that with your supporting evidence.

Use the word “can” instead of the phrase “you have the capability” to make your sentence more concise and avoid
wordy phrases

Which of the following is a disadvantage of written media
offers no opportunity for nonverbal communication

Which of the following is true for creating readable lists?
Using parallelism . Lists help simplify complex subjects, highlight the main points, enable skimming, and give readers a visual break. Make your lists easy to read by making all the items parallel and keeping individual items as short as possible

active voice
This sentence is in the active voice as the subject (the mayor) performs the action and the object receives the action.

Which of the following sentences uses abstract words
The organization values honesty and integrity

Which of the following sentences uses hedging
The report seems to be incomplete

Which of the following sets of activities is undertaken after a message is composed?
revising and producing the message
selecting the medium and producing the message
analyzing the situation and adapting the message

Which statements about the organization of a message is true
The beginning and end of messages have the greatest impact on the audience and hence should receive the most attention during revision.
The subject and purpose of the message should be confined to the middle portion, while the conclusion should help readers understand how the message is organized

Which types of communication is best for encouraging interaction, expressing emotion, or monitoring emotional responses?
Oral communication is best when you need to encourage interaction, express emotions, or monitor emotional responses.

are words or phrases that tie ideas together and show how one thought is related to another.

________ are brief printed documents traditionally used for the routine, day-to-day exchange of information within an organization

is a medium’s ability to convey a message through more than one informational cue, facilitate feedback, and establish personal focus
Media richness

________ sentences, usually the first one in the paragraph, give readers a summary of the general idea that will be covered in the rest of the paragraph

A good persuasive claim should
be specific about how one would like to see the situation resolved
always include a sincere apology for the trouble caused to the receiver

A message that attempts to change an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions is a(n) ________ message

ways to reinforce your position in persuasive messages
using vivid language
using metaphors
pointing out benefits to the audience
using anecdotes

best to keep the language in a persuasive message simple and easy to understand for the audience.
using jargon and complex language

An advertisement for a luxury car will appeal to consumers who are motivated by

As a compositional mode for electronic communication, ________ intentionally withhold key pieces of information as a way to pull readers or listeners into a story or other document.

At the beginning of an article or webpage, a(n) ________ functions as a miniature version of the document, giving readers all the key points while skipping over details. This compositional mode can also function as a review, reminding readers of the key points they’ve just read

when you need a permanent, unchangeable, or secure record
use a printed message instead of electronic alternatives

Routine requests should begin with
using the direct approach, open with your main idea, which is a clear statement of your request. Use the body to give details and justify your request, then close by requesting specific action

The direct approach to organize negative news messages should be used when
the situation is routine or minor

The first task in planning persuasive messages is to
analyze the situation

The purpose of using the indirect approach to organize a negative message is to
is to ease the blow and help readers accept the news. It is not meant to obscure bad news, delay it, or limit your responsibility

The subject line of your email should
build interest with keywords, quotations, directions, or questions

The body of a request for recommendations should
list all the information the recipient would need in order to write the recommendation

The closing of a routine request message should include
(1) a specific request that includes any relevant deadlines, (2) information about how you can be reached (if it isn’t obvious), and (3) an expression of appreciation or goodwill.

Using an indirect approach in persuasive messages involves
explain your reasons and build interest before asking for a decision or for action—or perhaps even before revealing your purpose.

When explaining and justifying multiple requests or questions in the body of your message, you should
start with your most important request

When making claims or requesting adjustments, you should
always maintain a professional tone

When providing reasons for bad news in a negative news message that uses the indirect approach, you should
start with positive or neutral points and move through progressively negative points. Provide enough detail for the audience to understand your reasons but be concise.

When using the indirect approach to organize negative news message, the opening statement should be
open with a buffer

Which of the following approaches is more compatible with persuasive messages for today’s social media?
conversational approach

Which approaches to organizing negative messages opens with the reasons behind the bad news before presenting the bad news itself?
The indirect approach to organizing negative messages opens with the reasons behind the bad news before presenting the bad news itself.

Which is a guideline for closing a negative message organized using the indirect approach?
Maintain reader’s good will.
Express best wishes without ending on a falsely upbeat note.

Which is a guideline for completing email messages?
Revise and proofread your email before you send it out

Which is a guideline for granting claims and requests for adjustment when your company is at fault?
Sympathize with the customer’s inconvenience or frustration

Which is a guideline for making a clear statement of the bad news when organizing a negative message using the indirect method?
try to deemphasize the news by embedding the bad news in the middle of a paragraph or by using parenthetical expressions

A comparison of two different things that are similar in some way

true about creating content for social media?
Focus on a feeling of conversation in the social media landscape.

true about refusing routine requests?
The direct approach is sufficient, except when the matter at hand is emotionally significant

true about the use of emotional and logical appeals in persuasive messages?
Using words such as freedom, success, and compassion calls on feelings and audience sympathies

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