B) Culinary Arts 2 Chapter 7 (Marketing)

Which menu type includes each item as being priced separately?
A la Carte
Which of the following types of segmentation is based on the activities, hobbies, interests, and opinions of the target market: Product usage, lifestyle, demographic, geographic?
What is the designation for a menu item that is not very profitable but is very popular?
Plow Horses (490-491)
What is the first step in every marketing plan?
Research the Market
Which category of dishes usually follows entrees on the menu?
What is usually the first category of dishes on a menu?
To what do all the food served and services offered to a customer refer, in marketing?
Product-service mix
If a business decided to have an event to raise money for a charity, what kind of marketing communication would this be?
Public Relations
If a business sends out emails to college students for business promotions, what kind of marketing would this be?
Direct Marketing
Which category of salad might small amount of potato salad be used for?

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