ATI Musculoskeletal System

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…wear elastic socks on both legs until I am discharged.\”
A client has been admitted to the orthopedic floor to have a right total knee arthroplasty performed. Which of the following statements demonstrates to the nurse that the client understands the preoperative teaching? \”I will… the client use the trapeze to pull himself up in bed.
A client sustains an open fracture of the left femur. An intramedullary pin is inserted, and the client is placed in skeletal traction. While performing the initial assessment, the nurse finds the client has slipped down toward the foot of the bed and the traction weight is resting on the floor. The appropriate nursing action is to…
..coldness of the toes
A client is discharged after having an open reduction and internal fixation of a fractured tibia with application of a plaster cast. The nurse teaches the client to evaluate for early signs of decreased circulation related to post surgical edema. The nurse demonstrates that the teaching was understood when the client identified a manifestation of decreased circulation as..
..use a hair dryer on a cool setting to blow air into the cast.
A client with a radial fracture reports itching under the casted area. The appropriate nursing action to relieve itching is to..
fat embolism
Two days after fracturing his tibia playing lacrosse, a college student is brought to the hospital accompanied by his roommate who reports the client is not acting like himself and seems confused. The nurse notes that the client has a long leg cast on the right leg and that the client is disoriented to time and place. Vital signs reveal that the client is tachycardic and tachypneic. The nurse should assess the client for other signs of..
An assisted personnel at an extended care facility asks a nurse the difference between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The nurse responds, \”Osteoarthritis is…
..insertion of a peripherally inserted catheter-line for long term IV antibiotics.
A diabetic client with a non-healing wound of the heel is diagnosed with osteomyelitis. The nurse anticipates that the client’s treatment regimen will include.. actual pain sensation
A nurse is caring for a client who had a below the knee amputation for gangrene of the foot. The client knows that the foot has been amputated, but reports to the nurse severe pain in the toes of the injured foot. The nurse should recognize this as ..
apply cold compress to the affected area.
A client with an ankle sprain is being discharged from the emergency department. To promote tissue healing and relieve discomfort, the nurse instructs the client to..
Shortening of the right leg
A client is 3 days postoperative following a right total hip arthroplasty. The client cries out in pain when transferred to a chair. Which of the following nursing observations should lead to the suspicion of a dislocated hip prosthesis?
pulmonary embolus
A client is on bed rest following a pelvic fracture when he suddenly becomes dyspneic and reports feeling short of breath. The nurse assesses the client and finds that tachycardia, hypotension, and tachypnea are occurring. The client’s oxygen saturation level is dropping rapidly. The nurse should identify that the client is exhibiting signs consistent with..
Rheumatoid arthritis
On a health history form, a client being admitted to an outpatient surgery center for a knee arthroscopy indicates taking celecoxib (Celebrex) daily. Based on the medication, the nurse should expect that the client has a history of ..
Suction the emesis from the client’s mouth using a tonsil tip suction.
A client involved in a motor vehicle crash sustained maxillofacial trauma from striking the windshield. The client receives inter-maxillary fixation with interdental wiring. Postoperatively, the client vomits clear liquids. Which of the following actions is appropriate for the nurse to take?
A nurse is admitting a client with a history of gout. Which of the following manifestations should the nurse expect to find on the client’s admission physical assessment?
Numbness and tingling
During report, a nurse is told to assess a client who was recently casted for a radial fracture for compartment syndrome. For which of the following findings should the nurse assess?
Complete the assessment of the client including the client’s pain
A night shift nurse is assigned to care for a client who is 12 hr postoperative following a total knee arthroplasty. The nurse finds the client’s leg in a continuous passive motion machine, a drain attached to an evacuator unit is in place, and the client has a PCA device. The client reports to the nurse, \”I am in so much pain.\” The nurse’s first action at this time is to…
close to the body
Following shoulder surgery, a client is instructed to keep the arm adducted at all times. The nurse explains to the client that this means he must keep the arm..
Risk for hemorrhage
A nurse is caring for a client who sustained a traumatic injury to the leg in a farming accident resulting in amputation. Following an above-the-knee amputation, which of the following is the highest priority in the client’s immediate postoperative care?
..sit up for 30 minutes after administration.
A nurse notes on a client’s MAR that the client is to receive alendronate sodium (Fosamax). The nurse should know that for proper absorption of the medication the client must..
..a client must be an active participant in the program
A nurse in a rehabilitation facility is caring for a client with multiple fractures of both the lower extremities following a motor vehicle accident. The nurse realizes that the factor which is most critical for the client’s successful rehabilitation is the ..

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