Art Appreciation Quiz 1 Answers

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The elements of art form the basic ________ of art. The principles of art are the _________.
vocabulary, grammar
A characteristic way in which an artist or group of artists uses visual language to give a work an indentifiable form of visual expression is
A flat work of art has two dimensions: ________ and width
A line that is not actually drawn but gives the impression we are seeing a line where there is no continuous mark is ________.
implied line
Pick the two words that would best describe regular line as seen in this painting by Piet Mondrian
Controlled and Geometric
Vertical lines tend to communicate __________
A contour line defines the outer edge or profile of an object, and can be used to suggest a volume in space.
The artist Thomas Eakins used line to emphasize _______________ in this composition
This kind of shape is mathematically regular and precise.
Identify the type(s) of shape in this painting
Geometric and Organic
A shape on a flat picture surface that is defined by surrounding empty space is known as ________ shape.
a positive
In a two-dimensional work, when the figure becomes the background and the background becomes the figure, we perceive ________.
Figure-ground Reversal
A two-dimensional object is called a shape, and a three-dimensional object is known as a ________.
Because it is three-dimensional, a form has these three spatial measurements: height, width, and ________.
These four visual elements of art—form, volume, mass, and texture—are present in ________ works of art
The element of art that defines the amount of space occupied by an object is ________.
Identify the sculpture with organic form:
B (the rounder one)
Identify the type of relief seen here
(coin picture)
When we touch an object we experience a tactile sensation that artists refer to as ________ texture.
The overall design or organization of a work of art is ______________ .
The lightness or darkness of a surface is the element of art called ________.
The method of applying value to a two-dimensional artwork in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional solid form is called ________.
This type of perspective is used by game designers because it allows them to create depth using parallel diagonal lines
This is the system for creating an illusion of depth using three basic components: horizon line, vanishing point, and convergence lines.
Linear perspective
This painting composition uses the effects of ________ to give a sense of the vastness of the American landscape.
Atmospheric perspective

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